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Daygame In Shanghai

Daygame In Shanghai

I am in the middle of a daygame trip in Shanghai. I have been here for about a week. Three solid sessions out talking to girls (40+ girls, so far).

WING? I am interested in seeing if there are any other guys out gaming the streets...
-- I am here until Nov11, 2018
-- If you are available to wing, PM me

-- Shanghai is a great city for daygame
-- Relatively high foot traffic (not as much as Tokyo, and less than NYC)
-- English is not great, but many girls can speak enough (better than Tokyo)
-- Girls seem surprisingly receptive

I have a lot of experience (thousands of approaches), and have gamed SF, NYC, DC, and Tokyo. Shanghai might have the best response (for a man like me) of all those cities.

ME: I am 45, white, 5'10", in reasonably good shape. I don't speak Chinese.

-- Today I talked to 16 girls in 3 hours
-- I took 5 sets of contact numbers (all WeChat)
-- I had 3 blowouts... all the other girls stopped

That ^ is very good, per my experience. I could take 4-9 leads per day in Tokyo, but I was working harder, opening more girls (30+ girls per day), getting more blowouts and running into more no-English sets.

It's the lack of blowouts that surprises me.

On the one hand... I might get a little bonus as a foreigner for being "shiny and different." But I am also much older than the girls I talk to (10-20 years), and even the young girls are interested (very hot set with a 19 yr old today).

-- I took maybe 8 leads last week in 2 sessions
-- 1 didn't "accept" the WeChat add
-- All the other girls messaged me at least once
-- 1 dropped off since then
-- 1 left town
-- And the 5 others all responded when I pinged them again today

I haven't dated yet, as I took the weekend off (after collecting those leads) to date a girl that I met in SF (she came into Shanghai from another city to see me). +1 with her this last weekend.

-- I wrote more here:

I'll be out almost every day until Nov11. PM me if you'd like to run some game.

I'll do a followup when this trip is over with more details.

Viva daygame.

Daygame In Shanghai

I have daygamed with this man. He is a fantastic human being with unbridled passion for Game and women. Would highly recommend meeting up with him.

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