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Roosh Live #23 - Jordan Peterson

Roosh Live #23 - Jordan Peterson

I'm going live at 12:30pm EST on Twitch:

Leave any questions you have in this thread and I will try to answer them in stream.

If the stream fails, I will continue solo and then upload the recording on YouTube and Soundcloud.



Roosh Live #23 - Jordan Peterson

solutions if you're fed up with life because of the feminisation of society, mass immigration, shit job, having to try hard for low-grade girls (after experiencing much better abroad - s america etc) - the majority of us complain about but nothing changes or gets worse. hope had good holiday

Roosh Live #23 - Jordan Peterson

About to get started...

Roosh Live #23 - Jordan Peterson


“The greatest burden a child must bear is the unlived life of its parents.”

Carl Jung

Roosh Live #23 - Jordan Peterson

Youtube replay is uploading...

Roosh Live #23 - Jordan Peterson


Roosh Live #23 - Jordan Peterson

Really enjoy the live format, would be great to see you do some interviews to gain more followers from other internet channels.

Did the follow up interview with Alex Jones post book ban ever materialise? Was looking out for it but l may have missed it.

He who dares wins - Del Boy

Roosh Live #23 - Jordan Peterson

This is a really good episode. It's like the growth vs comfort article but revised for the dangers that lie ahead.

Roosh Live #23 - Jordan Peterson

That was really good. Owen Benjamin has previously mentioned the CAA angle to Peterson. I posted the video in the JP politics thread. It's full of amazing info.

Also Vox Day has written a blog post about your stream over at Vox Popoli.

Roosh Live #23 - Jordan Peterson


Roosh Live #23 - Jordan Peterson

Inspiring words @ 44:00 "All I had to accept was poverty in order to be mentally free".

edit: I guess I don't need to link the video...

Roosh Live #23 - Jordan Peterson

Quote: (10-22-2018 10:48 AM)Thot Leader Wrote:  

Inspiring words @ 44:00 "All I had to accept was poverty in order to be mentally free".

As Janis Joplin said (or was it Kris Kristofferson)...Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose

Roosh Live #23 - Jordan Peterson

Good flow on this ep. You really seem to be enjoying yourself too!

Cheers to that, and bigups to Arnold for the excellent puppet mastering. [Image: smile.gif]

Just to add to what you said about gays and trannies (who are basically extra, extra mentally ill gays) and their end goal of unfettered normalization for every sick behavior they can think to engage in...

I'm generally happy with an approach of "live and let live" but that doesn't mean that degenerate thing under the sun is equally acceptable and ought to be permitted just because it doesn't constitute acute physical harm to another human being.

I don't know how many of ya'll know this but here in Thailand it's tranny HQ.

I think it's probably the number one tranny country in the world (though they call them ladyboys which is a bit of a euphemism as they're neither ladies nor boys). And there are tons of garden variety (non trans) gays too. I've been told by Thai acquaintances that the older generation of Thais (the grandparents) view these behaviors, and the general trend of the society towards westernization and consumerism with repulsion and sadness. Assuming that's accurate, perhaps they understand intuitively that allowing degenerate behavior only begets more (and more extreme) degenerate behavior until all standards are so eroded that people can't tell the difference between good and bad, right and wrong, normal and insane.

The thing with homos is, that on an individual level, gays are primarily annoying to the average straight guy because they seem to relish provoking you with stares and subtle 'microaggressions' (for lack of a better term) like brushing up against you on the train, eyefucking you, being loud and obnoxious because they're so fabulous and everybody has to know it, which is all the easier as Thai people are generally too conflict-averse to tell them to shut their mouths.

They especially seem to enjoy the feeling that they got away with something and/or got under your skin when you fail to hide your disgust and contempt for them. I don't walk around actively fuming at gays but when there's a gay dude acting super gay right next to me I might make a face or something and they seem to scan for people who dislike them so they can get under their skin. And they're good at calibrating it to just shy of the point where you'd have to crack them in the face. On the whole they're an occasional annoyance and a small price to pay for living in such a generally awesome place.

But the trannies are just on another level of grotesqueness...

I mean...for a dude to plaster a fake pair of tits onto his chest and, in some cases, lop off his cock'n'balls and replace them with a faux vagina is completely incomprehensible to me. It's like traveling faster than the speed of light, how is it even fucking possible? And yet here it is, warp drive vagina all around.

This is number one bullshit and proof of a sick, disturbed mind. In addition to unconscionable anatomical mutilation, trannies in Thailand are also infamous for taking tons of hormones, illicit drugs, stealing, and getting into fist fights (and usually beating the shit out of whoever they're fighting because they're still dudes and some of them are fucking huge).

They're so ubiquitous in cities like Bangkok that you'll encounter them daily, whether as airport staff or restaurant servants or convenience store clerks, etc. For example:

I'm in the airport in Bangkok about to catch a flight, and I'm going through the security check where you put all of your stuff in a basket, scan it through the xray machine, and walk through the metal detector. I'm suited up and crucially for this story, not wearing any underwear.

So as I'm slowly moving forward in the queue towards the scanners I notice a gay guy next to me with penciled-on eyebrows and faggy mannerisms that make me want to distance myself. So I make a mental note to go into any of the 6 or so lines that the main queue branches off to, so long as it's not the one he goes too.

I rock up to the scanner and xray station and I'm greeted by a short tranny with glasses apparently in charge of ensuring that ll items are placed in the tray, belts removed, etc. So I remove my laptop, put all my shit in the basket and go to pass through the scanner. The ladyboy stops me and tells me to remove my belt which intentionally didn't know hoping nobody would notice or care because it makes me feel like a convict or some shit having to remove my belt. I've learned over the years not to make a big fuss about it because A) Thais don't respond well to fusses and B) it's more trouble than it's worth especially in a country where I'm a guest. So I went back, removed it and put my belt into the basket.

Just as I finish doing this, without a word of warning, the tranny reaches its hand out and pats and pinches the front of my pants. This is of course a perfect job for a ladyboy pervert freak because anytime it wants to get a nice handful of dick it can just reach out and grab it under the guise of checking for metal shit that would set off the detector and maintain plausible deniability.

I'm happy to say that the freak did not manage to come into contact with my penor because I very, very loudly said "EXCUSE ME, DON'T TOUCH ME. DON'T TOUCH ME". I'm also happy I didn't get myself into trouble because this incident got me SOO angry, I honestly don't remember getting that angry that quickly in a really long time. I guess I knew in the back of my mind that popping this dude with a straight right would have only created trouble, police would get involved, fines, delays, etc.

When I yelled at the tranny it caused a scene and the freak feigned surprise at this reaction even as I caught a twinkle in its deranged little eyes. That pissed me off even more.

I went through the scanner, got my shit while everybody stared in my direction and walked off in so agitated a state that I felt ashamed at letting myself get that out of control of my emotions. I parked myself at a Coffee Club and had a glass of wine to calm my ass down. I basically sat there fuming and wishing I had cracked the tranny, thinking maybe I should go report it (which would be wholly useless). In the end I decided that I handled that correctly in light of the social compact and so forth, but really felt like in a sane world this kind of behavior would be met with swift and painful retribution without fear of reprisal from the law.

The point is that just like in Islam it's explicitly stated that you should deceive your enemies and befool them, and in gay culture it's IMPLICITLY understood by all pederasts. In fact, outside of muslims I don't think I've ever met so consistently Machiavellian and fucked up a bunch as gays. And I've lived in San Francisco, New York, LA, Miami, Bangkok, etc., and have seen and interacted with enough of them to know what I'm talking about.

Live and let live worked when gays did their dirty business in private. Maybe back then the law had a more lenient view on vigilante justice as it concerns certain elements of society? Any older members care to chime in?

I think this might be a situation where libertarians get it wrong because you can't control this kind of phenomenon purely legally as it essentially amounts to having to resort to violence or threat of violence for bringing that kind of behavior out of the darkness and introducing it into normal, healthy society. If gays tried doing their little subtle gay stuff and got a punch in the mouth for their trouble, there'd probably be a lot less of it.

The legal / moral problem is that now you're essentially condoning violence when no overt violence has been done to you. Perhaps if the law was less heavy handed when it comes to fist fights and let that shit slide as the business of the people involved in the dispute that would be a happy medium. We've just become such a litigious and authority dependent society that your chances of avoiding legal ramifications if you punch somebody who deserves it are low, especially in the West.

Roosh Live #23 - Jordan Peterson


Excellent post. It seems you are grappling with a kind of cognitive dissonance that is common to all of us, particularly people who have been raised with a liberal, live and let live sensibility.

On the one hand, let them do their thing. On the other, why are we so repelled by them? Why is there this instinctive anger and repulsion to actions that are often non verbal or even when they are verbal, seem small enough that they could be taken in stride? (Not including having them try to grab your junk. That is pretty extreme.)

The best breakdown of gayness, and why it is wrong, that I have come across comes from a Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, who was a psychologist who specialized in helping gays come back to being heterosexual.

The mainstream media treats guys like Nicolosi as if they are pray-the-gay-away homophobes who should be locked up. Nicolosi was nothing like that, and there are plenty of videos of his lectures on Youtube if anyone is interested.

I have to say that Nicolosi also red pilled me on the concept of gender, which I didn't think I needed, because I thought it was all simple, men were men, and women were women.

His basic idea was that gender, or more specifically, sexual identity, while matching the genitals in the overwhelming majority of cases, sometimes doesn't take, and people get confused. He also says that it is easier for women, because they get to take their identity from their mothers, who have been the primary caretakers since childhood, so all they really have to do is copy what they see.

For boys it is harder, because they also are raised by women, but they can't just copy the mother to find their natural identity. No, at some point, they have to make a jump to copying the father, and they can only do this easily if the father is two things: Strong and good. With a strong and good father, the boy can accept a move away from his primary caretaker to someone else to model his behavior after.

The point with gay men and trannies is, when the father is absent, when he is strong but not good, or good but not strong, a lot of times, he cannot make the jump to a male as a role model for his identity, and then he is left in a kind of an undefined gray area, still a man, but still taking his cues from his mom.

But here is the key insight from Nicolosi that applies to the situation you have described. Gay men and trannies are not simply another orientation that must be respected, they are just heterosexual men who failed to achieve their masculine identity.

And THIS is why these guys piss us off so much. He describes how, over and over, gay men have said to him that they always looked up to masculine men, wanted to be them, but felt left out and inadequate, so, according to Nicolosi, when they pursue their sexual strategies, they are not seeking a natural complement in a woman, but they are seeking to possess and take away the natural masculinity from a natural man.

The bolded bit is the part that red pilled me on homosexuality and made me understand my revulsion to it.

The gay man is not innocently initiating courtship, he is trying to possess another man's masculinity, to take it from him.

It is for this reason that we naturally experience anger and disgust that appears to be all out of proportion to what happened. Because instinctually we know that this person is trying to take our natural birthright from us, our masculinity.

This also explains all the trickery and all the passive aggression. A gay guy hitting on you or trying to embarrass you with sexual talk in public is not the equivalent of a chick teasing you to flirt.

He resents you. He covets what you have. And instead of looking to find it in himself, he is trying to take it from you. He hates you because you have something that he doesn't. He isn't just trying to sleep with you, he is trying to tarnish your own natural sexual identity by soiling it in exactly the same way his has been soiled.

He wants you exactly the way he is: Confused. Self hating. Self destructive. He is a crab in a bucket and a cuckoo in another bird's nest. He means you harm.

None of this of course can be said in polite company and, at this point, probably shouldn't. Still, it is crucial that every man understands what is really going on and what is at stake.

And if you have some time, spend a few hours watching Joseph Nicolosi videos. It is a red pill education. Sexual identity is real, and is not to be taken for granted, and like everything else, is harder for men to achieve and protect than it is for women.

Nicolosi lays out how all this works in a clear and compelling way from a psychological point of view.

He makes a hell of a case, and any time spent in his company is a breath of fresh air, because he gives clear theoretical explanation to something that all men know but cannot articulate.

We may have to live with gay men at work or in our families, but we do ourselves and them a disservice when we encourage them when they act out their pathologies.

We have to be aware of what they are up to, and up to the task of discouraging it, even if it is all done nonverbally.

They are not harmless or annoying. They are trying to appropriate something that does not belong to them, and they have to be rebuffed and shown that it will not be tolerated.

Short version: Pat yourself back for losing it in the airport. Your intuition overrode your social programming because it knew the fuck what it was doing.

If enough people did this society just might change for the better.

“The greatest burden a child must bear is the unlived life of its parents.”

Carl Jung

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