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Help me plan my European trip

Help me plan my European trip

This is a bit of an unconventional trip since I will be travelling with my girlfriend so it is not a trip to chase tail. We are both studying in Warsaw and have several days off a week. I also do not mind skipping class.

Places we have already been to: Warsaw, Gdańsk, Kraków, Poznań.

Between the two of us we speak: English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and polish fluently.

Budget is limited since we are students and she is also paying for her share of the trip and doesn't have a ton of money either. Countries were the currency are in euros are kind of expensive for us unless it is for a short stay or we offset the cost with a super cheap flight/bus.

We have roughly 4 months to travel until late February. We would like to go to beautiful and cheap places.

I would really appreciate forum input and recommendations on any ways to get cheap bus train or flights and accommodation, no luck so far on couch surfing. Open to tips to save money.

Thank you guys and I will make a huge datasheet for you guys at the end of my trip.

Edit: we don't care for clubbing and I don't drink so alcohol and nightlife are not important for me. I care about culture, scenery and cuisine and general tourism

Help me plan my European trip

I've been reading a lot of good things about Montenegro --- that, and other ideas are mentioned in this article.

10 fastest-growing travel destinations in Europe (and what passes for Europe)

Help me plan my European trip

Search the forum for tips on saving money on bus/train/accommodations. A couple key things I’ve done to save money in the past:

1. Eurail train passes don’t usually save you money. For cheapest way to book certain train routes check out It’s kind of a cheesy/dated site but, so far, the information has been good.

2. Hostels are great, when I’m with my family they don’t really work out, but I’ve done a few guys trips and it’s a great option to save and meet people. Check out digitalnomad’s hostel datasheet - it is game centric, but other good info in there that could be useful for you.

One more reference for hostels - last year a very central hostel in Amsterdam cost me €34/night, while a very central hostel in Tallinn cost me €11/night.

As far as destinations go...

That’s a long and cold winter in the north...get down to the Mediterranean. You talk about cuisine and culture - go visit Rome. When I think culture, I think history/tradition - very few cities worldwide pack so much history/tradition within their boundaries. In my opinion, Italian food is the best in the world. It’s not a cheap city, but certainly cheaper than many big northern euro cities. Do the homework on which neighborhoods are more geared toward locals and you’ll find eating out is roughly half the price v the touristy areas. Trastavere had many reasonably priced (€6 dinner) eateries last time I was there.

Anyway, the following google search should get you to a page with detailed write up on costs (it’s been helpful for me on my travels) in different European cities, ordered from cheapest to most expensive:

‘56 European cities by price’

Good luck and enjoy. Europe is an incredible place.

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