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New Information Vs. Old Information

New Information Vs. Old Information

What's your opinion on this.

Intake of new information is best? Or old information?

benefits of new information

1) staying on cutting edge / competitive advantage
2) novelty so can be more engaging

benefits of old information

1) the classic / most important things have been said and we need to review rather than looking for gimmicks
2) we often forget fundamentals which gets 80% of results.

Right now after pondering perhaps 80% old fundamentals with 20% new information might be the sweet spot. Overall learning from people higher up from you is probably THE best way to get good at anything in my opinion.

edit 4th option is 100% new. Won't let me edit it. If someone can please do.

New Information Vs. Old Information

[Voted "Other"] I would say that you should ignore the "new information, old information" paradigm. It will only cause you to overthink and accidentally forget useful information.

As evidenced through my reading activity, lots of information is redundant and a few posts stand out from the rest. From my extensive reading of various types of information, the information that is remembered the most are the truth bomb posts that generate this reaction.
[Image: mindblown.gif][Image: mindblown.gif][Image: mindblown.gif]

To summarise my point, it is simpler to understand that the truth is unchanging and that it will always be waiting for your call.
"The truth shall set you free." #116

New Information Vs. Old Information

The classics are the classics for reasons that usually don't involve the author being the first person to point something out. It's because of everything that went into it. A classic is the product of substantial man years that went into producing the best manuscript the author could on the subject. Now there are some newer works, books and blog posts which can meet this bar and they can be identified by asking "I am going to consult this in a decade and find something still interesting."

A lot of newer shit is exactly shit. "Professional authors" without any subject background grinding out material and libraries full of 20th century books that can fail to have the value or utility of earlier classics. Think wiki's full of second and third crap repackaged and reassembled by people following a recipe and you have most books after the start of 20th century. The only value of these sources is that they just might point to where the real stuff they ripped off and watered down lives. Almost always, the good stuff is lost in the retelling as material is "adapted for the times" or missed by the repackager who doesn't actually know the subject.

New Information Vs. Old Information

How you get the information is important too. I probably will repeat what others have said when classic material is repackaged and watered down. Everybody copies How to Win Friends and Influence People, Richest Man in Bablyon, etc.

That's where we have this debate whether college is worth it or not (it isn't unless you're going into STEM). The elderly people telling you college is worth it haven't heard of khan academy, udemy, etc. They live in the past where the richest people go to college (status symbol). If you can apply yourself to your own self learning you'll find college is utterly useless.

Quote: (09-21-2018 09:31 AM)kosko Wrote:  
For the folks who stay ignorant and hating and not improving their situation during these Trump years, it will be bleak and cold once the good times stop.

New Information Vs. Old Information

valid information is best, i find.

New Information Vs. Old Information

Voted 80% new 20% old.

20% old because history repeats itself. You don't need to drown in the details though. Internalize the main themes and ideas and move on.

80% new because information that has already become general knowledge isn't worth jack.

For example. By the time a stock hits Wall Street Journal, all big players have already bought.

You gotta stay ahead of the curve

“Our great danger is not that we aim too high and fail, but that we aim too low and succeed.” ― Rollo Tomassi

New Information Vs. Old Information

Yeah this is interesting. I have an audiobook that galvanized me into making me more money thought but after 3 months I stopped doing what worked. When I start listening again it sort of re-brainwashes me to taking the right actions though.

I think high quality audiobooks is a way to brainwash yourself into being successful, hence why I'm slightly leaning towards old information. Of course it's good to stay cutting edge too though.

In music too for example the classics like Rolling Stones are good to listen to regularly but also some good bands stream in here and there like Tame Impala that you can add to your playlist.

So hard to say.

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