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Based scientist gets Nobel prize, triggers Feminists

Based scientist gets Nobel prize, triggers Feminists

So, the Nobel physics winners this year are, Canadian Donna Strickland, French Gérard Mourou and American Arthur Ashkin.

But already, a "muh sexism" controversy has started [Image: dodgy.gif]. Because it has appeared that the Frenchman, Gérard Mourou, and his (male or female) students and colleagues, had uploaded a video on Youtube, a few years ago. And this quite funny, good-humored, instructive video - see below - is considered "extremely demeaning and sexist" by the SJWs. [Image: confused.gif] They have no sense of humor...
"When Canadian Donna Strickland won the Nobel prize for physics this week, she was hailed for advancing the visibility of women within the science. [Image: tard.gif] But video footage that recently emerged of one of her fellow winners suggests sexism may still be thriving in the field.
Now garnering thousands of hits online, the clip from 2010 shows Gérard Mourou performing alongside scantily clad women [Image: banana.gif] in a promotional video intended to showcase his work on laser technology.
The French scientist was announced this week as one of three winners of the prestigious physics award

see at 2'50

Another thing: people in the French scientific community are saying that the female co-winner of the Nobel, Donna Strickland, is actually just a former student of Frenchman Mourou, and that she rode on his coattail and received credit only so as to "advance women's cause in science". Mourou being the real genius here, not his female student.

In any case, this Mourou man is red-pill and seems to have serious game - and on top of that he's the best physics scientist in the world: much respect to him! Somehow he reminds me of:

[Image: 10_beer_brands_Americans_are-8dcdcfefafd...4b409ab96b]
^I don't always receive the Nobel Prize in Physics, but when I do, I shitlord!

Based scientist gets Nobel prize, triggers Feminists

The beautiful comments section. SJWs are ALWAYS the ugly girls, who have no sense of fun, no sense of sexuality (apart from jealousy), and are driven entirely by bitterness and revenge. It's not justice, it's revenge.

Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats. - H L Mencken

Based scientist gets Nobel prize, triggers Feminists

The Nobel physics winner reacting to the angry SJWs mob:

[Image: 4ea5ae078f585179385ecd8d182c4ce10032b047_hq.jpg]

Based scientist gets Nobel prize, triggers Feminists

Science prevails against feminism once again. Loving every second of this pathetic, ineffective attack against anything and everything male.

Based scientist gets Nobel prize, triggers Feminists

Hot women silly-dancing starts at around 2:35 in, just so you know
[edit] sorry, just noticed OP states 2:50 . . . my time mark is where they show up, with the gowns on - but at least one is showing a nice pair of gams right off the bat [Image: wink.gif]

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