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Just looking for ( validation)..sorry...

Just looking for ( validation)..sorry...

Ok, i had eye contact and some nonverbal stuff going on twice. I opened with a " funny line and both went ' cold asap.

Do youngish (21)women like to seek " validation" by being a social tease or is my game just crappy?

They eye you. You open. They go cold. WTF ??

Just looking for ( validation)..sorry...

I know your looking to be a game master every time you interact with a girl but there are many things that could be leading to you not getting the reaction you want. To be honest, I don't even think these girls are eyeing you. Even if they are they probably are doing it w/o realizing it, then when you approach they get nervous and go defensive. It's happened to me before.

You need to actively get rejected. Like get rejected by being an asshole, don't be funny or nice. Then when you get that under your belt you can learn to tap into being a nice guy and blend other aspects of approach game into your routine. Girls get so much validation on social media, your simple interaction is doing nothing to them.

Quote: (04-21-2014 04:47 AM)WestIndianArchie Wrote:  
On the cool, she probably had at least one too many tortiillas, but the tetas was mas gorda, comprenede?

Just looking for ( validation)..sorry...

Well, they eye me and then get ' in my space'. Well, the one was in a club and was not being ' direct" but sort of looking back in my direction quite a few times. I asked a stoopid question and then laughed at it. The noise was an issue but i do get stares all the time. Im " cute"...

Just looking for ( validation)..sorry...

You sound like a fucking weirdo

Just looking for ( validation)..sorry...

Quote: (09-26-2018 10:58 PM)Headbang Wrote:  

Do youngish (21)women like to seek " validation" .....

That's about as basis as it gets. They ALL seek validation. Girls have eyes, they look at shit. Just because a girl looks a you doesn't mean anything, it's how she looks at you that matters.

What do you mean by "eye contact and some nonverbal stuff". Was it prolonged 2-3 second eye contact? Was there something shiny behind you? Did she look challenging or coy? Loads of threads here on eye contact, approaches, IOIs. Read them all.

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Just looking for ( validation)..sorry...

rule of thumb - most of your approaches will fail.
Accept it.

IOI does not mean "bang guarantee" or that the approach will be successful.
You may have blown it later, the girl might have gotten distracted or any other reason.
Even if your game is tight, you will fail on occasion.

Don't beat yourself up. Learn from your mistakes and move on

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