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Less happy cities potentially better for LTRs and other relationships?

Less happy cities potentially better for LTRs and other relationships?

I'm Canadian choosing a place to move to soon and deciding mostly between Toronto Montreal and Vancouver (open to some other places to tho) and one thought occurred to me. Montreal is often said to be one of the happiest cities it's very social and people often go out, this made me think girls probably have very big social circles there and very eventful lives this = more opportunities to have one night stands for them and maybe more promiscuous lives. On the other hand Toronto and Vancouver are seen as much more depressing cities to live in with a lot of people that live there saying they don't have many friends and people are kinda closed off and cold there. This makes me think girls over there maybe have less eventful lives and if they were in a relationship they would be more faithful since they have less going on socially and therefore would commit more to their partner. Quebec is the Province with the highest divorce rate in Canada at 50%. I checked divorce statistics but I could only find them on a more macro level of country and state/province. If someone finds some on the city level please let me know.

So does more eventful and happy cities have sluttier girls? Do more depressing cities have better LTR material and more faithful girls? For those of you that have been in happier and depressing cities let me know what your experience is and if you have seen this dynamic at all.

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