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Losing 10% body fat - need advice

Losing 10% body fat - need advice

There are a lot of "tricks" like fasting, low carb, high fat, paleo etc

But if you are having trouble getting rid of fat, there is one method that will never fail.

Count calories.

The laws of physics can not be cheated on - if you consume less calories than you use, you will lose weight.

There are no fatties in a concentration camp.

Losing 10% body fat - need advice


After 24 days I am 11lbs down.

I didn't do any of the fad diets - I just ate between 1700kcals and 2000kcals (I even had 2 days where I ate over 3000kcals) but still lost roughly 2.5lbs a week.

I'm now trying to lose a further 10lbs of fat and reach 166lbs in the next 26 days.

My body fat is way down and lifts have stayed the same and some increased.

Losing 10% body fat - need advice

Fair play mate. Great stuff.

I’m looking at dropping a similar %. I am about 20% with not great muscle mass but I’d rather get lean before trying to put on weight.

I eat reasonably well but love booze. Going to try and restrict myself to Saturdays only.

I’m gonna go 1800-2000 cals per day with relatively moderate carbs. Nothing crazy.

Losing 10% body fat - need advice

just my 2 cents, but when I changed my diet to low glycemic index foods and higher fibre (meaning less sugary foods and plenty of good carbs like rice, potatoes and vegetables) I found it easier to avoid snacking.

The first few days are tough but then you get used to it and the idea of buying a chocolate bar doesn't go into your head as much

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