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Good place for low-maintenance STR?

Good place for low-maintenance STR?

Dear forum,
This is my first thread and I hope that I chose the right category. [Image: helpme.gif]

The title says it all: Can you recommend a place, which would culturally and demographically be ideal to find a low-maintenance STR?

Bit of background information about this question:
I need to work a lot from my computer during the next 2-3 months and can't invest much time into meeting girls each day or planning and executing long dates. I've come to Mexico City looking for a STR but was disappointed by two things: 1. Most of the girls here are overweight and / or unattractive. 2. The ones who aren't, definitely aren't low-maintenance. I've started dating a cute girl now for three weeks and she is already complaining that she doesn't receive enough attention etc. etc. Therefore my gut feeling tells me that Latin America will be the wrong region to find that, since the girls here seem to require their partner's attention a lot.

Can the well-travelled members here suggest a region, where the girls are culturally fine with receiving less attention from their partners and require less maintenance in general?

To make it clear: I don't want to pay for the companionship but obviously I will treat the girl well and have a good time with her. My biggest constraint is time available. If it matters: I like slim girls, skin colour is not important. First thoughts were Philippines, Thailand? But I have never been to this region, so a bit worried about mostly encountering professionals there? Any suggestions for Latin America? Maybe Peru? Would save travel costs and travel time.

Happy about any input

Good place for low-maintenance STR?

You won't encounter mostly professionals in Philippines or Thailand, unless you seek it out. There are plenty of girls who are legit. It will depend a bit on the character of the girl, but I definitely think Philippines is the place to go. You can easily fly London/SG/Phil or even NY/SG/Phil.

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