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Girl Who is More Traditional Than Modern

Girl Who is More Traditional Than Modern

Has anyone met a girl who they would say is more traditional than modern?

To give a brief outline let's define these terms:

1) Modern: executive career woman with a trans-gender kid from a guy who is no longer around - proud of the fact; thinks her first divorce gives her the experience to get it right a second time or maybe a third; has just upgraded her Sex in The City VHS collection to Blu-ray; writes for a progressive feminist magazine that is post-bankrupt; had pink hair but dropped it for her career; could have been an 8 but is instead some weird 6-7 W(n)B monster; none of her children are her husbands'

2) Traditional: doesn't understand or have social media, likes to dress in traditional dress, sing and play the harp; dreams of getting married on her 18th birthday, a mother on her 19th; wants her alpha-provider husband to handle all the difficult things in life while she runs the home and rears the children; wants to have 4+ children; has long hair and a simple beauty; strong nesting instinct and defensive of her group

Around the world I've met girls who are more towards traditional than in The West, but I'd still say they were all quite solidly more modern than traditional.

Have you met any girls you'd day were more traditional than modern? How did you meet them? Where? And why would you say they were more traditional?

Girl Who is More Traditional Than Modern

In the US, the only traditional girls I've met have been either:

1. First-generation immigrants

The closer they are to the homeland, the more traditional. For example if they came with their parents on the boat, their homeland will have more influence than if they were born in the US to immigrant parents.

2. Rural country girls

I mean actual country girls, from towns that aren't on the world map, raised in Christian households.

3. Mormons

Thanks to the cult of Mormonism, they've done a better than average job of keeping the toxic influence of modern culture from their daughters.

Meeting them - daygame, Tinder, Instagram.

Signs that they're traditional - long hair, dresses, heels, healthy skin, no tattoos.

Confirmation that they're traditional - comes from talking with them. Women are smart and there are always wolves in sheep's clothing.

This has been my brief experience but I'd bet the forum agrees

Girl Who is More Traditional Than Modern

Yeah #2 in the OP pretty much describes my wife. I met her at a dance ball, a throwback to how people used to meet back in the 30s-60s. She is a stay-at-home wife now, ready to pop out all the babies and homeschool the lot. All the difficult decisions in life are mine to make, she follows my lead no matter what. She's more like her nana in that regard, but other women in her family including her mother are not quite so. I brought that out in her, then nurture, grow and protect it, because the rest of this "modern" society are ready to crush her feminine traditional nature at any moment's notice.

She's of mixed European heritage, born and bred in small town Australia. I've met a few other girls (Australian and European) who are like that, but you must get to them between 18-early 20s before modern society corrupts them.

Girl Who is More Traditional Than Modern

I spent part of my childhood in the prairies. We had a place that was not that far from some Anabaptist communes. They practised something like rumspringa, during which the older teens would be "let free" for a short time to try some of the things that are banned in their community. This practice mainly consisted of the guys going to local bars and getting drunk for a night or two. The girls (when they tagged along) would mainly just watch. You would occasionally see a girl get tipsy, but she was always well protected by her brethren.

In talking with a few of them, I got a serious Little House on the Prairie vibe. They had life goals that were straight out of the thirteenth century. Married in late teens or early twenties. Lots of kids so they can help out on the dairy farm. Etc.

Those would be some of the only girls I have met (plural - girls) that would fit in to the traditionalist description you have provided.

I did venture in to more traditionalist dating sites during my recent investigation of online game. I will say that I connected with a few girls who seemed really old-school. They wanted me to Skype with their parents to be properly vetted. Stuff like that.

One girl lived in rural Australia, and her parents were looking to "import" a husband for her, so she could just stay on the farm popping out babies. She had recently completed a teaching certificate so she could homeschool the kids.

That being said, I never met up with any of these girls to fully vet the story.

Currently out of office.

Girl Who is More Traditional Than Modern

Met some more traditional ones:

1) Religious
2) No social media, traditional values from family - rural upbringing - met even an Italian and American girl like that
3) Very spiritual minded - sometimes religious
4) FOB immigrants - coming from countries where a 22yo unmarried woman is expected to look for the husband pronto - many countries like that still exist

But you are unlikely to meet those girls online dating or night club, so it will be Daygame approaches where you will need even young traditional minded virgins in the West or you go to certain religious events - Christian youth campouts etc. You can meet religious traditional minded girls. I think that those international events are even better than meeting those girls at home. Because their beliefs are then more coming out of themselves and not at home often directed by their families. So a Christian campout girl traveling to Europe to follow around the pope is more likely to take those things more seriously than one who has been pushed into the purity ball thing by her parents in Alabama.

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