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Reconnecting with 'lukewarm' girl after some time.

Reconnecting with 'lukewarm' girl after some time.

Let's assume you met a girl through social or indirect game and she showed a mostly neutral disposition towards you, maybe even slightly negative - when you first asked her out she said she had to much to do and didn't suggest an alternative.

If you want to give it a second try, at some later time, is it better to 'go the extra mile' and make a funny/'neggy' remark like "I saw these traffic lights today and they reminded me of your sunglasses" or just go with a simple "Hey, what have you been up to?".

I have the impression that if the girl has classified you as 'uninteresting' from the get go, no amount of punny negs or whatever will make her change her mind. What's your view on that?

"Where reason fails, force prevails." ~ Daffy Duck

Reconnecting with 'lukewarm' girl after some time.

Restart texts rarely work, but you won't lose anything if you try.

I'd go with a simple text, if you try to be funny/punny, you'll be trying too hard and that will come off as needy.

Just play the numbers game and move on - if she wasn't interested at first, she hardly will be after a month or two.

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