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Good music for having Sex to?

Good music for having Sex to?

I've recently re-discovered how much I like Eminem's Song "Shake That"

Turns out I like having sex to this song. It makes me horny and want to bone a hot chic. It's a fun playful song that doesn't pretend to be anything else than what it is. (your mileage may vary of course.)

When I've googled it, or youtubed playlists to have sex too... I keep finding either lovey dovey shit (no joke, that stuff works for the WOMAN, but not me) or it's just slow and really boring R&B shit.

I want to listen to music that makes ME, a MAN, want to FUCK.

Anyone else having some good songs to share?

Good music for having Sex to?

White Zombie - More Human than Human
Methods of Mayhem - Get Naked
504 Boyz - I can tell
Busta Rhymes - Baby if you give it to me
Kid Rock - So Hott
Kelly Rowland - Motivation

Or any ICP song if you really want to get weird...
Or any Drake song if she's still in high school...

Civilize the mind but make savage the body.

Good music for having Sex to?

A cacophony of whines, slapping noises, mones, gutteral noises "yes Daddy"s and "I'm cumming"s is enough for me. You guys don't like to focus on that?

Why ya'll wanna here dudes sing when you could be making the girl scream? Plus the only dude I want her to associate with mind blowing orgasms is me. Sex can be a Pavlovian catalyst, what ya'll even doing.

Good music for having Sex to?

Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous ft. Timbaland
PARTYNEXTDOOR - Recognize ft. Drake

But not a fan to having music during sex

Good music for having Sex to?



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