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Openers from Girls and their approach tactics

Openers from Girls and their approach tactics

I am making this thread so that we could share about Girls who have opened us or tried to game/approach us and what their openers were or what their approach style was like.

The reasoning behind this phenomena, which is mostly rare for most of us guys and why girls do this and what their WB range is (usually 4-6 with 7+ as very rare exceptions) has already been discussed in other threads.

This is just to share how the girls approached and what lines they used and if we can use the same. I believe some helpful stuff can be learned from girls who open guys and the techniques they use.

Ill share my recent one, which I found funny:

I was at a popular sports bar in Houston recently. I was searching for my buddy there (I have mentioned this in another thread). Since my buddy was in another place, I finished my beer and went to close out at the bar counter.

Next to me at the bar was a thin middle eastern looking 6. I saw that she noticed me but I was in a rush and didnt pay much attention. She was either buying a drink or also closing out. While waiting for the bartender to finish up, our eyes came into contact, she smiles and and then she starts giggling mischeaviously, shifting her eyes much to my amusement.

I ask her why she is laughing. She plays coy and says nothing but just giggles again.

Now I am intrigued and the female bartender across us is also amused. I ask the girl again and she says she had remembered a joke. I ask her what it is. She hesitates then says nevermind. I insist she tell the joke. Then she's like 'umm there wasn't any joke, I just wanted to grab your attention because you are cute'. I am like 'aah, I see' and I laugh as well.

We do small talk and turns out she is a cute Punjabi girl. I couldn't stay long as I was thinking of finding my friend at the other bar. So I close out, get her number and bail.

Before leaving, I tease her saying 'Nice move BUT make sure you have an actual Joke next time!'. She starts laughing heartily as I leave.

I think I am going to try this approach next time, with a slight modification that I will do everything this girl did but also have a joke ready so that I can further tease, built tension and then bring it up when I really wish to.

Looking forward to reading some of y'all experiences.

Openers from Girls and their approach tactics

Something very simple like "do you want to hang out?" or "do you know if there is a massage parlor here" Had a cute Russian 7 approache me like this while I was chilling at an Egyptian beach reading a magazine.

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Openers from Girls and their approach tactics

I forget her opener, but I had one the other night who said she came and talked to me because I was drinking water, and I guess not that many people at that place do that.

Openers from Girls and their approach tactics

The most common I get is simply "Hello, how are you?" after some eye contact has taken place. Another one that I imagine is pretty common is them telling their friend about you and the friend coming over.

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Openers from Girls and their approach tactics

The only openers I've ever gotten from girls have been incredibly direct "I think you're gorgeous" or a neg "Are you here by yourself?".

Something I have noticed though is how girls in your social circle will sometimes try and ask you out on a date covertly by

A) Asking for a really simple favor(ride/help at work/etc)
B) After you complete it, insisting they return the favor by buying you coffee/lunch.

Openers from Girls and their approach tactics

Last time I was approached.

The way she started was by talking to me using "an elderly opener". We were waiting for my hairdresser to open shop, and she replied to a comment I made.
Inside she made the effort to ask questions and engage me.
After a while it became: "I like to travel abroad, with a man. Would you like to?"
Told her I only travel with females I sleep with.
Took sometime till she said we should hang and that I'm interesting.

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Openers from Girls and their approach tactics

I've been approached a few times. But, since I'm a newbie, most of those didn't go anywhere.

I was walking along a sidewalk on my university campus. A girl was driving towards me. I saw her look at me, slow down, and stop next to me. She rolled down the window, and then she asked me, "Excuse me, do you know where the library is?" This is an opening line verbatim from Roosh's Day Bang. Since I'm not autistic, and I actually do look quite attractive, I knew she was hitting on me. She was a student, and she knew where the library was. But, since I'm a newbie with no game, I fucked up the opportunity. I acted cool, and made a joke about her getting lost easily. I pointed out that the library was directly in front of her. But, then I just stopped talking and let her leave.

Openers from Girls and their approach tactics

I guess you could say I air balled a layup in a way.
I was working and this 7-8/10 approached me and started a conversation asking me personal questions and barely letting me speak, I'm 99.9% sure I could've gotten her number but I was just mentally tired and not in a great mood so I chickened out

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Openers from Girls and their approach tactics

"Hey! Are you American?"

I'm not. The hoodie I was wearing had an US flag.
Made me slightly jealous...

(I was still a foreigner in that country, so I replied in English anyway.)

Openers from Girls and their approach tactics

A few recent ones.
1) I walked into a coffee shop. Girl stops me and says; ‘nice pants.’
2) hanging with friends playing cards at a cafe. A girl and her wing come up to me and show me some photos of clothes on her phone and ask me what color they are.
3) chilling solo at a street fair. Two girls come up and say ‘we’re invading your space’. I said ‘that’s cool’. One then said ‘we want to talk to you, do you mind ?’
4) ‘what time is it?’
5) ‘you have nice eye color ‘.

All cold approaches but #2.

On line. (FB,, Instagram).
1) what’s up?
2) nice picture. How you doing?
3) how’s your day going?

Those were all recent. The best ever was several years ago. ‘Do you want to watch porn with me.’

Openers from Girls and their approach tactics

I had one the other day when I was with the boys in bar. These two cute put napkins on our tables, I was the only one who noticed it and said "you could have at least put your number on it" that broke the ice. I find that girls are subtle with the way they open guys but if you open your eyes you'll see it. But mostly it's just them leaving themselves open to be talked to.

Openers from Girls and their approach tactics

In a bank. A beautiful fit curvy blonde (staff) said "Heeeeeelloooooaaaa"

That made me laugh. I didn't get anywhere though because I was there to work and she disappeared before I could go back to try some game

Openers from Girls and their approach tactics

The bump is a non verbal one I find with Yank chicks.

Basically I take any bump or brush past when she doesn't need to as a signal

If there is space and she walks in close when she doesn't need bump you.

This is followed by a grab of your shoulder or bicep with eye contact and a sorry.

Thats an Aussie thing too.Brits will go verbal usually then start touching you..Scandi verbal and eyes as a generalisation.

Any touching is an approach to me..Eye conyact is an approach

Another one is vicinity when it comes to solo girls..But my daygame is shit and I have to train to iron it out ..They scratch in their bag act confused so you will walk up and help..Check the way they dress ie alot of skin ,bra strap etc can mean ovulation.

Eye contact ,touch ,bump are all openers but its to figure out if you are "that guy" that just gets it.

Its a mindset change you have to see signals as being approached, being invited to approach yourself.It does not need to be verbal as you are working on the female sub communications level.
Then you say to youreslf "She just approached me"

My best mate had this shit figured out at a young age.I never learnt till 43.It wasn't that he was goodlooking it was that he could read who was putting out invitations but as a natural he didn't understand no other dude saw what he saw.

I posted awhile back on Undercover sex signals by Leil Lowndes then some dude did crib notes on it here.Just download the pdf.

Openers from Girls and their approach tactics

So far, I've used both indirect and direct openers. I've had little success with direct openers like "Hey, you're cute, so I wanted to meet you," this usually elicits a response such as "Thank you!", but for the life of me, I freeze shortly afterwards. It sucks. As an introverted person, I believe I freeze because it puts me under the spotlight to perform or say something that doesn't come off as weird.

However, I've had greater success with indirect openers like "Hey, I'm looking for Starbucks, do you know where one is?" during day game. Usually the girls are helpful and I generally can start a conversation... or freeze up. It's a 50/50 shot.

In the past, I've gotten my successes when clubs or bars close and I ask people "Do you know where an after party is?" Most girls are generally like "No, but tell me if you find one!" or alternatively, I mention how good the DJ or artist was when a show or club closes down. That really gets women into a talkative mood.

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