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Intense negative feelings towards women (serious thread)

Intense negative feelings towards women (serious thread)

I would like to thank you all for your kind comments, it is way more than I expected and was indeed uplifting. I'm really sorry that it took me so long to answer, I know one is expected to give a fast answer in the internet, but right now Im literally homeless and jobless in a foreign country. Inspite of this, something happened the next day I made the thread. It is like my soul took a dump, leaving a lot of weight behind. My whole mentality changed, I've been sometimes singing and laughing as I would walk down the street with my stuff on my backpack, and Im getting the upper hand back again, once more. I hope it goes the same way with this new post. Tomorrow I am going to apply for a job position and I have the hunch I will get. Finally getting a place to live will happen soon too, im sure, plus I received the inspiring idea, coming from heaven maybe, to start a blog. Im not that bitter about women, because under this new mentality I am confident I will be getting pussy as soon as I get my sh** together, going back to the "trenches" as Roosh puts it in Day Game. (Im a kind of religious conservatist though, if that makes any sense, and maybe that's why it has been hard for me all this time). I will remark some aspects of what I otherwise seems to me like fine pieces of advice and general wisdom. Thank you all, let's keep fighting.


I find that to be true, if you are not in the mood to approach women it shouldn't really be done. Just like eating on a full stomach, trying to approach "RSD" style doesn't really help much once you are past the first dozens of approaches that get rid of the fear.


Thank you for your suggestion, I already downloaded the pdf and it looks damn interesting.


"You ARE here, on this Earth, and you will remain on it for 50 more years, so you might as well fucking make the best of it, buddy."

That's beautiful. I don't even want to get to old age, but before 60 I do want to leave a mark on society. I guess my blog will be the first steps in that direction.

Investment Bro

Thank you for your long message, what you say is spot on, even though my problem is indeed not internet addiction. In my last cave/apartment I didn't even have an internet connection so I was outside most of the day, and I try to interact as less as possible through devices. What you say though I can understand and I appreciate it. Just wanted to add something of my own:
No I wouldn't harm your sister but in all honestly, when I see how bad men (criminals, drug addicts) get a lot more feminine attention than me, I think it is time that WOMEN start making moves, aka start being proactive, proving they are worth something. They have created a BUBBLE of SEXUAL and general RELATIONAL SCARCITY, just like the 2001 or 2008 bubbles.

"not having feminine contact warps and twists men into bitter shells of what they are truly meant to be. "
That's a good chunk of the problem. No one ever explained to me why girls never wanted to be with me, having to resort to porn and getting addicted to it in my teenage years. At the same time no one explains sh** about sexual education. The LGTB lobby is strong in Spain, so we had school workshops to learn that it is okay to have anal sex, that jerking off all the time was "healthy for the prostate" (it is actually NOT but that's another topic), all that when you are 10-12 years old, but no one explains man-woman dynamics, just like telegony or hypergamy, it is taboo although well known. Society ignores whole generations of young males as if they didn't even exist, and then acts surprised when we lash back against mainstream media and political correctness and seek to bond in old tribal ways. It is our duty to subvert this feminist-communist society. Thank you for your message Investment Bro, I will read it again, it reminds me of Jocko Willink and his "ownership" concept.

I still have something on your responses to Professor When down this message.


Thank you for giving your point of view, and I would add that their position is often contradictory, hurting them more in the long run than it actually hurts men (once men find this arcane knowledge).


Thank you for your support and kind words.


Those sentences are worthy of reading many times. In this case I agree with you, and disagree with Investment Bro. I think it is NORMAL and ACCEPTABLE to have this feelings occasionally, although in many cases they are NOT HEALTHY just as The Stronger Sex points out. I mean, I know this sh** in my head is fucked up, but look: it is more than 4 years after the break up, and I still can't find a girl to stay with (some sloppy drunk make outs don't count). As I said, not even sex for me. On the other hand, any girl unless they have Down Syndrome or some bad issue CAN get a decent man WHENEVER SHE WANTS. The argument that "but they can't get good relationships" I don't accept, because in that case they are at fault for they sh**** personalities. But hey, how can you not be angry when everybody churns EQUALITY but it is plain obvious that we are not equal? Obviously the system is lying to us since we are children, and does so intentionally. It is not just "girls" the issue here...


Thanks for remembering me that wonderful song, I do hear it in my head sometimes. But what you say... "Sounds like you have a massive superiority complex OP. Hope as you grow older you humble yourself"... I respect it may look like it, but actually I've been told by friends and even psychologists and teachers that I am too humble and should have more "bravado". Maybe you mean that I feel entitled to sex. I don't, Im angry at myself that I should in fact be getting it but dont. It is a fight against myself and my demons. Actually I DO NOT think it is a "NEED" like shelter, security and clean water (as I said, I go long periods without eyaculating, and that without proper training)... but some people think IT IS:

I disagree with it, emotions such as belonging and acceptance in a group are highly desirable, but not necessary in life. Of course without them life seems to have no porpouse... we are all in this together. Sex doesnt seem to me now like a conquest... it is more like fishing, you just have to be patient and it comes. You do need bait too.

If the State sponsored aids free, reliable, comfortable whorehouses, smashed the mafia, and taxed prostitutes like any other worker, fixing the price between 9 to 13 euros per hour depending on the quality of the service.... now that would be a whole other story, as the men would regain a lot of power in the sexual field. There are "rational males" so called after that famous book, that are willing to pay prostitutes hundreds of euros or dollars for one sexual encounter!!!!!

Professor When

"I have never been subject to an unconditional act of kindness from women my own age."

Thank you for saying what was on my mind all along!!! They can be "socially kind", but not personally, for they are used to live in a world of smooth and subtle gossip, not upfront honesty. And when they do, they tell you sharply that they don't like you, in a tone as if you should go away inmediately, AS IF YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG... as they do in Germany and have the nerve to say its because girls are "direct". Yeah sure my ass direct, it is because they are simply socially inept, they can't keep up in a conversation with something somewhat intelectual, have nothing going on except for some team sports or their numb careers or studies, bring no value to the interaction. I would go as far as to say that sometimes they directly disrespect men in a despicable way. Not only do they throw fake "selecting signals" and then changing their mind (in this german club this girl is checking me out constantly, I approach, have friendly small talk, touch gently her shoulder as I speak and she started to scream and cry and called the "aid" of her group).... not only that, but they outright play with the fact that you are taking action. For instance, I was running day game on a busy street, and I approach this young girl. She would be 16-19 years old, I have no way to know. I did the pet shop opener (really) and she made this mimic, she gasped for air, contracted and her face turned into an angry mask. It looked as when someone is assaulted and is about to SHOUT FOR HELP. I laughed singing as I went away, but you get what I mean? I am just talking friendly to a girl on the street and she reacted as if she would fake that I was doing something wrong to her. Of course, who would believe everybody in this society? Women never, ever ever ever accuse falsely! So instead of politely declining or simply walking away, what she does is she plays with something she shouldn't be playing with, just to see if I panic or apologise to Her Little Majesty for not being a rich male model. In other times, such behaviours where physically corrected, slapbitching. But hey, you say this out loud, and you get crucified in the Marktplatz. (By the way I do get dates occasionally but never fructify).

Then again, The Stronger Sex, you do have a point right there, I absolutely agree that those vibes scare women away... but why is that? I like to really get to the depth of things. For women, if a man is not ALREADY getting a lot of sex, it must be because of SOMETHING that they don't know what it is, but if the GROUP agrees that they have or lack some kind of quality, then they might as well accept it, and rather seek what that drug-addict (drug-user is the communist correct term) has to offer, because he has been seen in that bar with many women, therefore the group agrees he is valuable. I mean, women do calculate in their minds in a sick twisted way. I just want to hang with a feminine non-morbidly-obese girl and if she wants, make her have a good time. That's all. But they have this complicated system of social connections that benefits no one. It is not the middle ages with the women still being virgins in their 20's and selecting the most brave and loyal knights. Those times ended 7 centuries ago guys. Hypergamy is a blind race towards the abyss.

Not to mention my failed LTR. One day out of the blue she broke down and told me she cheated multiple times with multiple men, but that she was so sorry because she had "fallen in love" ("encoƱada", like "pussified", "charmed") with me (I think she did because she got to the point of physically assaulting me when I denied her intimacy and told her it was over). Her "reason" to act like this was because "I might be doing the same" (those are her words, translated more or less), but now she regreted it all because she finally saw I was loyal and I was treating her real good and taking care of her like no other guy did. (I am not perfect but I had good intentions, never wanted to harm her). But she HAD to ruin it by meeting with men obviously older than me, some of them I even knew back then. She even manipulated it all to the point I had to physically assault her ex-boyfriend. The Stronger Sex, it is absolutely true what you say, but the whole of society has to admit, and that is our battle, that women are allowed to act recklessly, damaging men too. And let me ask you something, with due respect: do you think she would have acted like that if she knew that what she did would have consequences? What if instead of her ex getting hit, it was HER who should have taken of her own medicine? Do you think women of black people or arabs for instance think it is a good idea to treat their men like dirt? I mean, even then when I was a huge SIMP I was aware enough to know instinctively that being with such a damaged person would only harm me, if not landing in prison. I think her crying was oftentimes fake. That was my red pill, when I was telling her that everything was over, and she would cry like a maniac... suddenly she had the urge to please me sexually more often and better, way way better! She couldn't see I liked her no more. The spell was broken. She started doing as I said, not only sexually, she was acting like a puppy, humiliating herself just so I wouldn't discard her. GUYS, that was CRAZY. And the fact that society is somehow trying to hide the nature of women is what rustles my jimmies. That's why im so rustled, if women were proactive other than when "im about to leave you bitch" I wouldn't be writing here, pointing out an essential moral-societal problem. It says in the Bible "have, and you shall have more. Have not, and even more shall be taken from you". That's the principle of monkey branching, that somehow they have already written in their DNA... and if they don't have, no worries, the initiation chain still carries on through their mothers and grandmothers. We, men? Well we have videogames and porn. If Good is finally to reign over this filth, videogames and porn shall be persecuted, and a new men-women morality stablished. As I said, they are withholding sex too much, from my perspective. That's why porn, prostitution, etc, are sky high record selling. They are speculating with it as if it was stocks in Wall Street. It will only be too bad for them as they will be fooled with the illusion of commitment and future just to get sex, which wouldn't happen if they didn't withhold it that much, trying to artificially maximize the market price of pussy. They seem to not be able to grasp the concept of TELEGONY, which is real. Is that an intelectual inability the female gender has, or simple irresponsability? I would love to see the views from all of you on virginity and its importance, but that maybe we can do in some other thread in the future.

Now, what Investment Bro and Professor When are debating is fascinating. This two sentences from Investment Bro seem to me very telling:
"You tell me, do you think you're lacking in your ability to emotionally engage women? This is an honest question" and "Numbers my friend. Most women don't like me either!".

So, first, if you are engaging them in the CORRECT, APPROPIATE tune of feeling, they will hang around you. I believe this is completely true, which mixed with the second one, leave us in a rather bleak, although realistic landscape. In order to get laid, one has to tune in emotionally with as many women as possible. Of course I long forgot about that concept, "love", which now it is absolutely dead for me. No way to resurrect it, so false and artificial, that predestination ideal they preach in movies and books. Those same movies and books are the same who don't ever talk about Hypergamy and Telegony. For me, things are evolving quite rapidly, like a tornado. When you are deprived of sex, you swing between the "I would hit anything tonight" and the "only a truly elite quality woman would I ever keep by my side". I would define the true black pill as realizing that love doesn't exist. The definition of Black Pill on UrbanDictionary is hilarious though. The Red Pill is for politics and history. Earthly love is not, for my money, the goal of MAN in this world. I like Roosh and his writing because of the sincerity you see in them. I feel it everytime, just remember when he describes himself as a hip thrusting machine, and urges to approach as many girls as would fit in the back of a trash truck. As much as I have laughed reading it, it is no joke guys. Love has to do with the divinity, not with the earthly life. This may seem offtopic, but don't you feel that sense of longing in the manosphere? Its everywhere. All young men need a movement to be part of. That was denied in order to impose the filth we see today.

On the other hand, I must highlight this, from Professor When:
"You cannot honestly tell me that you think one needs game just to chat. There must be something else going on."

Looks, money, status (being "interesting" is somehow having the potential of status). If I am not mistaken, in the excerpt of the new book, "GAME", Roosh mentions that the "money and status" is just a way of game, the provider game, and you atract accordingly a women that values that. However, it is still there. You don't have to spend money, it has to look like you WOULD, or that you would get them drugs, or you would present them important people, or whatever it is that the girls are looking for. It is a bizarre game, see who screws the other over before the other does. By the way, we have all seen these Tinder chats, where attractive guys use NO GAME and have many girls at their disposition. And this leads to the last question: are there really unicorns out there? Or just girls not that much corrupted, but corruptible nonetheless? I don't have the answers for this, about how can anyone distinguish, which seems to be altogether time consuming and ultimately meaningless if the values you are pursuing are not already there inside. As you can tell I place a great emphasis on values that we should have... that I should have...

The looks department, as mentioned, can be complemented with giving them the emotion they need in the moment they need it. If you don't give it, they leave you. That is what a older, very wise person once told me and I hold it to be true. I mean, that's why healthy and good looking girls hook up with drug-addicts. They get the emotion they need. They wander around looking for that feeling that never fullfill them, while not being held accountable of destroying families in the process. I hope I have been making any sense, because it has a lot of emotions mixed in, this sh** is challenging.


Thank you so much for that post. I will save it because it is a great explanation of what it is meant by emotionally engaging. It is basically theatre, acting, drama. It is worthy to learn from this and I will be looking for more of it lurking in the principal.


Please excuse me for my spelling and grammar mistakes and for not quoting properly. This is a weird time of my life but Im grateful to be able to learn from you guys who are clearly more knowledgable about women than me, even though we may not agree fully on every single topic. Im resolved to carry on in this mad trip, now with the powerful weapon of this wisdom now open to everybody willing to listen. Excuse me being stubborn sometimes. I usually never post in forums but this time I see it was worthwhile.

Intense negative feelings towards women (serious thread)

Both you and Professor When demonstrate a great amount of self awareness. You'll fit in nicely here, and I look forward to seeing your journey take place. The great thing about men is we don't need to agree on everything. It's actually healthy to disagree, as long as there is mutual respect.

I'd start a game log OP, it'll really help you out if you keep a progress journal for yourself to look at down the road. Some of my biggest learning experiences were from re-reading my old journal entries and analyzing my horrific early attempts at game.

Intense negative feelings towards women (serious thread)

Hey guys today I understood something, first hand... today was the first day of work, where everything went perfect and Im surely getting the contract tomorrow. Afterwards, I went to visit an 2 room shared apartment, so that I can finally get an address, somewhere to stay. It turned out the guy likes many things I like and we connected instantly. I am getting the contract tomorrow... as I went downstairs I felt such an overwhelming feeling of acomplishment, so happy for myself, that in that moment I desired having right there a feminine girl that I can vehemently fu**, hard and without mercy, but making her ENJOY it at the same time. My muscles were tight and I was smiling and talking with energy again. The mental dark clouds are gone...

Now I don't see women as threats, as God making fun of me, I want to make them happy, make them feel worthy and loved. I think of Elliot Rodger, about the Columbine guys, about the Virginia Tech, and all the others... If only girls showed some INITIATIVE, if male sexual advances were DECRIMINALIZED, things would probably be reeeeeeeaaally different. But they don't. Now you can't force them too, it is only natural that the women don't like men that don't provide what they need, whatever it is they think they need, BUT we should UNCONDITIONALLY give guidance to every young male. They talk and bark about Elliot Rodger and the others but they don't see he wasn't really a bad guy, he was just someone with very imbalanced aspirations for himself. Under other conditions he could have been a great CEO. Maybe he was spoiled. Maybe he shouldn't have that car and phone given to him, instead should have the RIGHT to earn it honestly through work. Im sick of the media, and Im thankful that platforms such as this exist. The whole manosphere now has the DUTY and the HONOR to enlighten the coming generations of males, opposite of how we (some of us) were raised.

As I write this text sitting in the Hall Square I just saw a skinny 18 year old by the hand with a long haired girl with a nice ass. I didn't hate on them. I just observed he had bad game because she was pulling her somewhere as when someone pulls a kid or a dog... but I DID NOT HATE. This is a huge step guys. I simply thought "well, good for you skinny good looking bastard (light heartedly), but I will not only get a hotter girl, I will make said girl follow me around". Receive a bro hug with feelings through the wifi, because merely knowing you guys are there did make a difference.

Thank you Tomzestatlu for your contribution. You nailed it Right there. It is easier to Change oneself than changing the whole world!!!

Intense negative feelings towards women (serious thread)

Be happy you know the truth about the Jews so many people don't.

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