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Where to start from scratch ?

Where to start from scratch ?

hey guys please help me, i'm on a road trip right know in Slovakia , i will go to Poland tomorrow.

I try to pick up girls but it's all a mess, i understand nothing,

i don't know what to do , i go mostly undirect in a respectful manner.

The problem is that i don't really understand emotion and the psychology of women.

I'm also probably not well dress, not enough confident, i don't know what to do ?

i comeback to the forum because i know it's my fault , if i 'm bad with women, not feminism not my parents not the mayor of the city .

i 'm someone antisocial, who like to chill in front of his laptop most of the time .

Now i'm realizing i'm 29, if i don't evolve i will have to stay like this for the rest of my life, and i pay the consequences every day .

I Just want to learn to create enough value so a women will be interested by me.

Where to start from scratch ?

I'm one of the most naive person I know... and even I could pick up the Trollism of your post! Member since 2013... and got no clue with women? Bounce Out of Here!

Where to start from scratch ?

First take a step back from game and focus on the things in your life that you don’t like. Buy some clothes that make you look and feel good, take a break from the laptop and go workout, read everything on this forum about building self confidence. The same way you are interested in hot girls, women are interested in confident men.

Take it one day at a time and don’t feel like the first girl you meet is gonna be future wife. In fact the best thing to do is talk to girls you don’t like at first that way if they reject you, it’s not like you wanted them anyway.

Quote: (04-21-2014 04:47 AM)WestIndianArchie Wrote:  
On the cool, she probably had at least one too many tortiillas, but the tetas was mas gorda, comprenede?

Where to start from scratch ?

I can get that you understand a little bit about women but if you can't understand anything... maybe you have a social disorder.

Where to start from scratch ?

I know a little bit aboute girl yes, when they are scared they become totally crazy.

When you do direct game and you miss a little bit of something, they just leave you.

they are emotionnal creature, if i'm talking in an emotionnally gril might be more interested by me.

They like that you take the decision and assume everything.

They change all the time their mind.

In social sphere they can be very friendly.

for exemple at a free concert there is a slovak group and i ask to the girl the name, give them my phone and ask to write the name, it works well.

Captain GH i can open girl , it's easy but i can't do more.

they reject me all the time, one way or another but it's fine, this is how the game work.

I ask to you guys because i'm lost there is so much information on internet.

thank you louiebeans i'm going to do that .

Where to start from scratch ?

You should also stop caring so much and just have fun. It's true that women are very emotional- so much so that they read your emotions to assess your worth. If you're nervous, anxious because you care about what she thinks, they'll pick up on this....and no woman really wants a guy that cares that much about her.

Just have a good time, relax, and take life as it comes.
By no means be friends, you should be sincere in your interest, but keep in mind how many girls actually like meeting new people and enjoying life.

Replace em if they don't fit you.

Where to start from scratch ?

i meet a polish girl on a train she was laughing a lot, i wasn't really funny .

she is 18 , she live in Warsaw.

we talk about food, and cultural things in general.

i have got some resistance for her to give me her facebook, she said , she is busy and so on.

I will try to talk to her on Facebook, and try to meet her , in person.

When i will be there i will take an airbnb and i hope she will go to the appartment.

She is nice physically 6.5/10 and smart, sometimes she can be very cold you know, i'm not use to that , i'm more use to agressive mean girl.

which me luck !!

Where to start from scratch ?

Do people still use facebook? What are you thoughts on facebook. I only use Instagram and Twitter. A lesson I have learned is avoid asking for social media its wayyy to easy for them to dodge your message.

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