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Ultimate Trump money bomb profits thread

Ultimate Trump money bomb profits thread

Quote: (02-15-2019 04:45 PM)DonnyGately Wrote:  

The Fed does not intervene in the markets to prop up the equities in the US. Stop with that nonsense. [False and Incorrect Statement]

Secondly, the market sets all interest rates other than overnight bank borrowing from the Fed based on inflation expectations, which is why the 10-yr has dropped 60 bps.

Respectfully request you refrain from commenting in my thread as you clearly do not know what you are talking about in this regard...

"The simplest way for the Working Group to intervene in market plunges would be through buying stock market index futures contracts, either in cooperation with major banks or through trading desks at the U.S. Treasury or Federal Reserve"

The Plunge Protection Team, The Fed & The Investor Costs
Dec. 30, 2018 11:22 AM ET
Daniel Amerman, CFA
CFA, research analyst, long-term horizon
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The Working Group on Financial Markets (WGFM) was established by an executive order in 1988, and includes the Treasury, Fed, SEC and CFTC.

The "Plunge Protection Team" (WGFM) is not a conspiracy theory, and interrupting the momentum of a breakout to the downside that threatens financial stability - is its job.

The Federal Reserve's use of unconventional monetary policies has in some ways made it a much more powerful version of the WGFM.

Both the WGFM and the Fed can cause three types of investor losses in the attempts to maintain economic stability and financial system stability.

The "Plunge Protection Team" is the colloquial name for the Working Group on Financial Markets (WGFM). The Working Group was established by the executive order of President Reagan in 1988, in the aftermath of the stock market plunge of October, 1987.

The group reports to the President, and the official members of the group include the Secretary of the Treasury, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, the chairman of the SEC, and the chairman of the CFTC. In other words, the group members are the four most powerful financial officials in the United States. In practice, the committee can be composed of senior aides and officials that have been designated by those top officials.

According to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, the WGFM met by telephone on the afternoon of December 24th, to discuss the ongoing plunge in U.S. stock indexes. The very next trading day, the Dow Jones index experienced its largest ever single day point gain, closing up over 1,000 points. The following day, more than half of the 1,000+ points in gains were temporarily lost - until there was a late day reversal that came out of nowhere, and the Dow climbed by over 600 points to close with another gain.


There is no doubt that the Plunge Protection Team does exist, and that it convened on Christmas Eve. The hotly debated question is whether the WGFM does more than just talk and persuade, and whether it can and does actually intervene in the markets on a more direct basis when needed.

Ultimate Trump money bomb profits thread


Comrade Sanders is going to run in 2020. I say "no" and prices are at 1c on Predictit. Game ends on November 2020. I got 75c down and payoff is $67. Bernie is born to lose and so are his supporters (only known accomplishment is being a lifelong politician). Even if prices shoot up to 20c I'll consider selling for that nice return.

I will be putting down more.

Quote: (09-21-2018 09:31 AM)kosko Wrote:  
For the folks who stay ignorant and hating and not improving their situation during these Trump years, it will be bleak and cold once the good times stop.

Ultimate Trump money bomb profits thread

ESH S&P B wave top turned into 5 Wave down Target 1 = 5 (after 4=2) of 2695
Wave 3 target is 1.618 times wave 1...

Of course, Wave 5 being the most indeterminate could easily reach 1.618 times wave one for a possible target of 2664.!/f...wave-down/

This 5 wave is now impulsing down so should complete over the next few weeks.

Current A = C target is 2080 over the next 12 to 24 months.

NOTE: These discussions and any associated thread posts are not intended as investment advice in any way shape or form and is mentioned for informational purposes only now that we are entering a Major 40 Year S&P Supercycle Wave 3 to 4 Top Turning Reversal. Seek competent professional advice to determine your risk tolerance before trading Options or Futures contracts. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Ultimate Trump money bomb profits thread

ESH2019 to ESM2019 Futures Rollover Day 2nd Thursday, March and Broken 4th Wave exceeded Wave 1 Classic Rule Violation 4 can never retrace beyond 1

My Observation is that in the 4 Hour Emini continuous ES1! (Too many Trend Lines Clutter in my ESH Chart to see the waves...)

The 5 Wave down from the 4 March 2819.75 Swing High (ESM2018 Higher yet) failed when wave 4 Candle bodies extended above Wave 1 Candle body lows - then turns into larger Orange A-B-C wave count - however - today the B wave technically failed as the B wave went above 2819.75 to a new Swing high of 2823.75 on ES1!, of 2815.50 on ESH, and to a swing high of 2818.49 on SPX Cash higher than the SPX Cash Mar 4 Swing High of 2816.88 so both Wave 4 (All 3 S&P indicators) and Wave B on both SPX and ES1! broken on new Swing High Today. Last night we were hoping for an engulfing Red Candle continuation down and instead got a solid New Swing High SPX Cash and ES1! Continuous Futures and Retest of ESH Swing High.

Therefore when the Market behaviors exceed/ignore Technical Calculations and Break both 5 Wave and Larger ABC wave rules this is a likely indicator that Jumping Jerome Powell of the Fed jumping to the White House/Mnuchin directives to keep driving markets up - Like the Sensei of Markets says Markets Will Do What they are supposed to Do so this Swing High is the Beginning of a New 5 Count Down on this Failed SPX 3rd leg so have to see what wave one or new larger A leg data looks like.

Great thing about AOC is Wall Street is surrounded by her Minions and she enthusiastically Killed $25 Billion of Amazon future salaries for her own City - have gotten Wall Street's attention - They love their privileged NYC/Hamptons lives and not eager to pay 90% AOC Income and Wealth Taxes.

Orange Man now GOOD by comparison to AOC!

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