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8 month expedition . The Perfect Heist . Is it Possible ?
month expedition . The Perfect Heist . Is it Possible ?
I have been pondering over this for a good few months .

Move to a new country where you speak the language and get a temporary work visa.. Canada, Oz etc for English Speakers , Belgium , Luxembourg, Switzerland for French Speakers , Rest of the world for spanish speakers etc etc

Use your leverage for speaking the language in a foreign accent , being a foreigner , use the cross cultural cliches and nuances to feel special . Enjoy the extra attention and elevated social life .

Get a random job like a hotel frontdesk agent , waiter or similar .

Get paid tax free as most countries have a tax exempted earning figure per year which you are unlikely to touch working only half the year .

Clean sweep the talent pool .

Use your credit score built in the 6-8 months to take multiple credit cards , use your maximum withdrawal overdraft limit .

Split .

Never to return again to that country not as a resident anyway .

You could easily get 3/4 credit cards worth 3 to 5k each , over drafts worth another 5k from your multiple bank accounts , even buy macbooks and cameras and anything you can get your hands on credit .

You could have 20-30k on your hands and start a company somewhere or invest in real estate or travel the world while having enjoyed a relatively good time and a change to refuel your engine .

For anyone stuck in a montonous dead end lifetsyle could be food for thought ? I am considering this myself . YOLO and all that right ?

I am a newbie so please cut me some slack for my naiveity which can been as as borderline ridiculous I am aware .

But is this feasible or heavily flawed idea ? Maybe morally redundant but I believe in the long run it all evens out.

PS EDIT: Regarding the criminal aspect of it most countries have a limit under which commercial banks can't harrass you in a foreign country . Like for 50k loan they might go after you but for 3k unpaid credit card they can't and won't and any effort on their part would cost them more following up . They would just put it in the bad debt collumn and move on .

There are people who don't even leave the country and just don't pay back loans and credit cards and they are not in prison . I have atleast 3 friends who hasn't paid their credit card bills from holidays and the banks sent multiple letters for 3 years and stopped . They just got fucked up credit score and can't get anything on credit the next 5 years and then they start their credit rating back on Zero .

I also know a few Brazilian acquaintances who used the same idea plus huge amounts of bank loans while being on student visa in London and went back home with around 60k gbp (although this was pre 2008 credit crunch) and one of them even came back and now lives in london with her british husband . She just took her husbands last name and opened new bank accounts .
month expedition . The Perfect Heist . Is it Possible ?
Yes, I'm sure committing criminal fraud on a large scale is a viable scheme.

Go ahead, OP, do it, and make sure to drop us a line from whichever shitbox prison you get dropped in for doing stupid shit like this.

Remissas, discite, vivet.
God save us from people who mean well. -storm
month expedition . The Perfect Heist . Is it Possible ?
Working for a living is noble, and good for you.

Try exerting your energy and creativity to do that better.
month expedition . The Perfect Heist . Is it Possible ?
Yipee, it's the start of the month.
month expedition . The Perfect Heist . Is it Possible ?
In before the lock/ ban.

What a great way to start your RVF posting, with a thread on committing international fraud.

Original nutter indeed!
month expedition . The Perfect Heist . Is it Possible ?
Aside from being a deadbeat, most banks are fairly averse to granting unsecured loans to foreigners. Ask any foreigner in Japan how easy it is to get a credit card -- basically impossible. Banks are greedy but they aren't dumb.
month expedition . The Perfect Heist . Is it Possible ?
I just had a thought and I expressed it . I am a genuine Roosh V follower and his bang Iceland has opened up a new world to me . I am a free thinker and this was just me thinking out loud . It is an entirely non threatnening post . Just an idea . I am not expecting anyone to follow it just pondering over it . I myself am far from actually doing anything like it .. This is similar to pondering over steroids and whether to take them for a while and then making a post about it and getting attacked .

I hope the above post alone doesn't make everyone judge me here .

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