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Questions about supplement combo for better growth, focus, and recovery

Questions about supplement combo for better growth, focus, and recovery

Hey fellas just wanted to ask if any of you supplement buffs out there see any inconsistencies or have any suggestions for me on this, simple:

I'm pushing 5'10 around 170 lbs, I'm looking lean but thick, gaining as much lean weight as I can. Cycling weights with HIIT sprints cardio, and I also fence and train with weighted swords, really builds the arms (will post a new article about that later).

in the morning I take vitamin C,E, fish oil, glucosamine, a B complex, a calcium citrate w magnesium & zinc, and just started phasing in neuro-clarity and alpha-gpc because I'm in a rigorous study program.

prior to exercise I take aminos + beta alanine (discussions could be had all day on when to take aminos but I find it best right before)

Waxy Maize + whey protein + leucine + glutamine in a shake after workout

My squat and bench are going up (I only do front squat and incline bench to avoid shoulder and back mishaps which I've had before).

I also take an HGH boosting cocktail of a homemade vegetable blend which I discussed in another thread, tomatos + red cabbage + fava beans blended drunk two cups a day.

I've been getting faster, leaner, stronger, and adding bulk at a slow rate too so this seems to be working pretty good. Never cycled steroids and not thinking about doing any anytime soon either.

Anything better for recovery, should I up the intake of bcaa's and drink an additional 2-3 a day? Are there any other supplements or superior brand of bcaa's that are better than Optimum nutrition and USP labs?

How can you tell if your body is reacting negatively to supplements (overload perhaps) if you don't feel any negative side-effects? Is urine color indication a good sign of overdosage? I don't think I'm overdoing it, but I just want to be sure

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