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Summer Schools in Europe

Summer Schools in Europe

I am becoming tired of spending my vacations travelling for the sake of travelling (i.e. doing tourism and gaming girls solo abroad), so I am looking to do something more purposeful the next time I am out. I have looked at the site below and they have some interesting Economics courses, which is my field of interest.

They are mostly 1-2 weeks long and offered by renowned b-schools in Western and Eastern Europe.

Anyone here have some first or second hand experience with these courses? What is the average age of people who attend the graduate courses? M/f ratio (just kidding on this one)? To be honest I don't care a lot about resume recognition, just looking to learn something useful and have a different experience (e.g. I would rather pick a no name school in Croatia/Hungary than an ultraexpensive course at the LSE).

PS: I am not sure if this belongs in the travel section, if so, mods feel free to move it.

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