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Nootropics helpful for studying?

Nootropics helpful for studying?

Just wondering what you all think. I have an array of supplements I've been taking for getting bigger and stronger, but also as I am in school I am wondering if anyone else has tried the focusing supplements like Alpha-GPC and Neuro-Clarity?

So far I have noticed little improvement, I'm generally pretty focused. I'm in a special school for aviation right now working on getting my wings, so there is a plethora of information to remember.

Any other suggestions? I eat a balanced diet and eat a lot of spinach, eggs, fruit, meat, vegetables, etc, high protein/fats, low carbs, best for working out. It goes hand in hand with your mental state, from what I've noticed.

Nootropics helpful for studying?

Not sure if Low carbs is necessary best for working out or studying hard. I think Low-carbs is great for dieting and keeping excess fat off.

Not sure about you, but if I cut my carbs too low I have a more difficult time focusing and even have less energy. Not sure how low you carb intake is, but I would up my carb intake but stick to "clean" carbs like oats, sweet potatoes, rice and other things.

I have some basic experience with Nootropics. Modafinil is king IMO. It gives you a clean focus. YOu won't feel cracked out like you would on adderal or ritalin. I also liked Noopept.

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Nootropics helpful for studying?

Yes modafinil seems to be what will fit your ticket. It promotes memory retention and increases focus.

Be careful because if you take an incorrect dosage you will not be able to sleep. The half-life of modafinil is 15 hours.

Of course also keep a healthy diet and exercise.

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Nootropics helpful for studying?

We have a nootropics thread.

Nootropics helpful for studying?


if engineering noopept and others do help moreso.

Nootropics helpful for studying?

a quick tip for anyone wanting modafinil, is having a 20% off sale

If you use bitcoin (very easy and fast with which takes credit/debit cards) you get another 20% bitcoin discount

As for strictly nootropics, checkout the sublingual noopept from ceretropic it's $15, easy to dose, and very effective.

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