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10 Most Expensive Virginities Ever Sold
0 Most Expensive Virginities Ever Sold
Virgins are utterly overrated for sex at least.

I understand male fascination with them when you are looking for a girlfriend, but the sex in itself is lousy. Only later it becomes better. But if you are a bloke who pays FOR ONE NIGHT A MILLION $, then you are an utter fool to do that. Most are still in pain that first day, so first it's for money which automatically makes women close off emotionally and then it's still not enjoyable to her since she has an open wound.

Also currently I wouldn't trust medical exams much, since you can do an op to recreate the virginity. It would take some deep surgical exam to find out for real whether she is a virgin - sometimes you would have to analyze the tissue.

Beta simps paying big for what should be given free or it's of little use. But at least that is one of the instances where the 0,1% are transferring money to the 99,9%, so I guess it's positive and more women should do it - that would lower the price though unless she is extremely attractive.

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