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What was your Erasmus experience like?

What was your Erasmus experience like?

Thought it be good to make a thread for Europe based RVF'rs about their own Erasmus experiences and how it was gaming girls ,quality ,results venues ,ect.

How did the foreign quality compare to the local?

What did you/didn't you like about your own experiences?

What would you have done differently?

Uni season is starting up in most of Europe,so now's a good time to start gettin those flags ,either as a Erasmus student or an ''intruder'' like myself [Image: banana.gif]

As for the city I'm in now Vienna, its a hodgepodge ,groups tend to be a bit clickish and variabilities are not easily controlled with meeting cute girls. There is great opportunity for sure though,don't get me wrong. The problem is most Erasmus students party at the lamest and shittiest venues. Lack of money talks I guess [Image: icon_razz.gif]

What was your Erasmus experience like?

I did one in Spain, depending on the city the Spanish girls are easier (Granada, Valencia) or more difficult (Barcelona, most more northern cities).
Got a lot of new notches and flags most of them Latin American. Also lots of Italian girls.

Sign up for Salsa dance, go to language exchanges, travel some but not too much, make guy friends, make girl friends, find hookup buddies.

Organize dinners and house parties.

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