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How To Tell Potential Side Piece...She'd Be The Side Piece

How To Tell Potential Side Piece...She'd Be The Side Piece

Firstly, this is an amazing forum. You all are great.

When I started coming here I fell into a hookup situation with a solid 8.5, and will admit without shame I beta-ed it into a relationship. However, recently I stumbled onto a potential side piece, with whom I had sex. During the interaction I dropped a few, subtle hints at there being someone else, but felt I wasn't clear enough.

I won't get bogged down in the details; I'm purely interested in those who have snagged side pieces who are aware that they are side does one go about that convo to neutralize their hesitations on being the other woman?

How To Tell Potential Side Piece...She'd Be The Side Piece

The conservative route is never tell her what she is just treat her that way and she will follow it until she quits that role.

The new agey way is to just tell her whenever she brings up being something more serious that you need as a man to not be tied down by a single relationship and that you need to be able to date whomever you want.

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If I talk to 100 19 year old girls, at least one of them is getting fucked!
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Am I reacting to her? No pussy, all problems
Is she reacting to me? All pussy, no problems

How To Tell Potential Side Piece...She'd Be The Side Piece

I don't see the need to specify to any girl I'm hanging with that she is a side piece. My actions would spell that out clearly. I don't get to hang with your friends or family, you can't count on me being of any help to anything important in your life, I will introduce you as a friend in public and all that other subconscious shit people do to girls that puts them in the potential boyfriend category.

Also telling her with a strait face that you are in a phase in your life that having a steady girlfriend is your 146th priority but we never know. That keeps her in check while you take care of business with other females.

How To Tell Potential Side Piece...She'd Be The Side Piece

You never tell a chick she's the side piece.

The foundation of my game is old school, "new agey" or whatever a lot of this bullshit I'm seeing is called is not "game" and the dudes who are running it are not "players".

You can always treat a chick like she's the only one, not through obvious, deliberate actions or words, it's subtle shit, shit that doesn't seem like it even requires any effort, but it's the shit that keeps her rationalizing, shit that keeps her on the team.

That's from your end.

From her end, no bitch tells herself she's the side piece. Think about it. All of us who have jump-offs, after we drop them off, they will refer to us as "exes".

Think about the chick who's fucking a married guy, she doesn't call herself the side piece, the mistress, sideline ho, whatever, she tells herself that the man is going to leave his wife for her.

Jump-offs get mad when the reality that they are jump-offs is revealed, so if you want to keep one around for a minute, then I'd avoid playing that game.

My personal feeling is whatever happens between me and a woman is our business, anything else that happens that has nothing to do with her, is my business.

How To Tell Potential Side Piece...She'd Be The Side Piece

Jariel spoke the Gospel Right there!! Thread closed 》

How To Tell Potential Side Piece...She'd Be The Side Piece

Jariel pretty much nails it. Never tell them. Never pull the curtain aside. When you're with them, be with them 100%. I find it effective to put my phone on airplane mode in those instances so no errant text messages get through and it also helps me focus on them. The reality is that girls aside from your main girl do not affect how you feel about the main one. So why the hell does anyone need to know anything?

Now sometimes it does happen that they figure it out or it sort of vaguely comes out (they ain't stupid). In those cases, do not apologize, just be nonchalant. If they like you enough, and need you enough, they will accept it. Just never mention it again.

How To Tell Potential Side Piece...She'd Be The Side Piece

LISTEN to Jariel, he speaks volumes.

Just keep doing what you're doing, let her ask the "what are we" question.

I have an LTR - I also have side pieces.

I never told them I had a GF but I never told them they were side pieces.

The only way you can naturally inject the "side piece" thought in her is if she knows you're a player, serial dater, or she brings up that she doesn't want a BF but a fuck buddy.

My side pieces were great to have from 4-6 months then the what are we questions start, I smacked them down and carried on banging them.

Then basically both girls were getting upset about knowing what they were to me - I let them go.

The last thing I need are side pieces getting upset and becoming headaches and possibly harming my main relationship.

It's a win/win - the girls won't get led on, you continue the chase of new pussy.

I think it's important to end things with side pieces on a relatively positive note - play the fade out game and tell them you're just too damn busy to give them what they want. (Which was very true in my case).

Side pieces are replaceable - you shouldn't be worrying about telling a side piece a damn thing.

They're sides to a main dish - easily replaceable and tossed.

Sounds like you got this pussy on a pedestal.

The last thing you want to do is sabotage yourself, your relationship, and your relationship with side pieces.

Don't tell her anything about her being one and just carry on.

She starts throwing out ultimatums - rinse and repeat with another girl.

How To Tell Potential Side Piece...She'd Be The Side Piece

I'll be following the Gospel according to Jariel, thank you.

And Kaotic your assist is great, thanks. I have been subconsciously putting the side pussy on a pedestal. I shall carry...on.

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