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MOVIE: _Diary of a Teenage Girl_

MOVIE: _Diary of a Teenage Girl_

This movie got a really good review in one local paper. It was also a selection at the Sundance Film Festival. Diary of a Teenage Girl seems very true to life, and it doesn't moralize one way or another. It does say something about how we got to where we are nowadays.

It's set in 1976 and seems quite historically accurate. The main character is a 15-year-old girl named Minnie who lives with her apparently twice-divorced mother and younger sister. It opens with the line: "I just had sex. Holy shit."

Not surprisingly, the man who deflowers Minnie is her mother's boy friend. She even instigates it by saying, "I want you to fuck me." Thus, their relationship begins.

Minnie goes from virgin to a very precocious girl almost overnight. It doesn't necessarily explain why, but she seems like the adventure that comes with sex.

It could definitely give you an insight into what has happened with females nowadays. I definitely recommend it.

MOVIE: _Diary of a Teenage Girl_

I haven't seen the movie but saw an extended trailer. A movie about a single mom's slutty 15 year old daughter fucking a 35 year old, it looks like lower-the-age-of-consent propaganda much like the movie Powder. Both carry the NAMBLA theme in which the child has the "power" in sexual relationships. It also is normalizing the idea of single mom's boyfriend abusing her child. I pass, would never pay for such nonsense.

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