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"Always be willing to lose her at any moment"

"Always be willing to lose her at any moment"

In my view i think it starts with approaching and closing a lot of women which leads to abundance mentality which then gives you the strong mind to walk out anytime.

Approach -> Abundance Mentality -> Always willing to walk out on this one

"Always be willing to lose her at any moment"

My future game goal is to be attached to a girl like I am attached to my job. I would be upset if I lost my job because I would miss out on the income, but it wouldn't be devastating to my soul. The pain would only last for as long as I couldn't bring in another income.

A woman's job is to provide me sex. I will only stay upset for as long as I can't get replacement sex.

I really like my company, and I really like my boss, but every time I look at my ringing phone when his name pops up, I know he could be dropping the hammer on me for whatever reason.

I'm emotionally and financially prepared to be unemployed tomorrow.

I'll never be caught unprepared with a woman ever again.

"Always be willing to lose her at any moment"

How do you deal with the ego part of being beat by another man?

I can’t handle the feeling of another man sleeping with a girl I want, either before or after banging myself.

Should we bang them after the dude just to feel like victory? Who wins—the guy that banged her first or the one who banged her last? I just hate the feeling of losing.

"Always be willing to lose her at any moment"

That's complicated. First you have to internalize that there will always be someone better than you at something. Then there will just always be someone better. Then there's a commitment to being the best version of yourself possible, and if you're doing that and being true to yourself everything becomes a little more okay.

Besides that. Just because a man fucks your woman doesn't make him better. I used to think of women as "biological indicators of success". It's a term I coined for myself to explain the way I felt. While it is still true, no one woman acts as an accurate tool. For the most part women - like most people - are deeply flawed individuals. It's not exactly like reading a precise technical instrument. What do you do with a clock that doesn't keep time or a broken yardstick, you throw it away. And what I mean by that is if you're being honest about who you are and you see the signs that you're successful (tons of girls want to fuck you, decent living, good friends) that girl that threw it away is a broken tool not worth a second thought. It speaks more to her than it does you.

Now if it becomes a a pattern and you aggregate a bunch of data (IE women always leave you for another man) you have to address it.

Definitely don't fuck with broken instruments

"Always be willing to lose her at any moment"

Thanks man, you’re absolutely right.

I thought about why there are so many deranged people in the world, and concluded that it’s because they were given birth by women who were crazy, and chose an equally weak and flawed person to mate with. Cycles repeating themselves.

If a beautiful, mentally intact woman chooses another instead of you then maybe that has merit, but when talking about average 6s and 7s maybe they’re better off mating with their counterpoints.

I still feel like I can get any woman I want and that I can beat any man on my day, but alas, sometimes God gives us what’s best in the form of protection, even if it hurts our egos.

Lesson learned.

"Always be willing to lose her at any moment"

Nice thread. Just recently came out of a 1y relationship. It’s true when you dedicate yourself to one girl you oftentimes wave goodbye to abundance, or at least I did. The feelings that comes with LTR’s usually prevent you from being able to just walk the fuck out and never look back. I was shocked with myself on multiple occasions at how I was turning into a part-time beta, it was disgusting!

I was hustling hard for 5 years prior to meeting this chick, so naturally I became very conscious that she was an investment out of the ordinary, because it really hadn’t been even close to my agenda for so many years. That consciousness somehow makes your feelings towards her even stronger, because the situation in and off itself is quite unique to you.

Bye bye abundance, and hello to accepting BS.

I learned A LOT of valuable lessons, but none more important than this:

Homeostasis! Finding the balance between emotions and logic, what I give and what I get. Just like I used too. Nothing should ever change that again! Game is essential and always will be

"Always be willing to lose her at any moment"

Every man should bookmark this thread and come back to review it when he thinks he's getting soft.

- One planet orbiting a star. Billions of stars in the galaxy. Billions of galaxies in the universe. Approach.


"Always be willing to lose her at any moment"

Quote: (09-01-2015 03:34 PM)Nascimento Wrote:  

"Always be willing to lose her at any moment"

That's got to be the first rule I learned when I first started practicing game. It took me a while to internalize it. Every now and then, I still struggle with it. I'm seeing a girl I like, and in between the times we see each other, it sucks to consider that I may never see her again, even though she's into you and essentially the odds would suggest otherwise.

After all, we've built a connection.

I'd say we are fortunate as men that we can replace women in our lives. An old flame, no matter how bright and hot it was, can and will eventually burn out... All you have to do is light the torch once again. Get back out there, and meet new women.

Roosh has two articles I like to reread every now and then on the subject:
Don’t Shed A Single Tear After Losing A Girl You Banged
No Girl Can Hurt A Man With Options

Anyways. How have you guys approached this rule?

What have your experiences been like?

Do you internalize it more, as time goes on?

Do you get better dealing with this harsh nature of the game? Girls come and go. But sometimes it's hard to see a specific one go. And it may not even be a 'breakup', for lack of a better term. She might just disappear out of nowhere without notice, never to be seen again, even when just a week before she told you she loved you during a post-coitus embrace.

I'm aware what I and a cool girl have going on could end at any moment. I'm not talking necessarily about serious relationships, but with some girls, I'd like to keep our mini-relationship going. Then it ends preemptively, either by my doing or hers, or just logistics at the time.

I can't help but think, if only we had been together a few more months before what we had came to a natural conclusion.

My brief experience with game has told me that girls come and go, and that no matter how cool or special this one is, there's another one around the corner, even if it takes a while for you to get there. But you will.

But it still sucks to see one of these girls go.

These are thoughts I've had on my mind recently.

If it makes you feel any better, I am willing to bet there is a high probability that she was already monkey branching WAYYYY before she went ghost. Attractive women have their own harem orbiting around them. Her job is to play brand new to you. But it is only a role. That's why she can drop you in a moment's notice.

This is the reason why I don't "date." I forge connections with women. And they are usually attracted enough to sleep with me. In that way, I rarely lose women because they were never mines in the first place. She doesn't have to make any hard decisions to keep me or drop me. I am not one of her "plates."

And as she goes from one relationship to the next, I am still there in the background. Helping her with rebounding here and there. You don't actually have to play the game by society's rules.

Modern day women don't live in an "either or" perspective anymore. They don't have to choose between this or that. Either I am a sloot or I am not. Hot women live in a "both AND" reality. They feel entitled to the relationship. The harem of validation. The boy toys.

If you see the reality they live in and are comfortable with it, they will come to you. But it is a reality with almost no rules and where "nothing counts." If it's anal, it doesn't count.

I was shocked too when I first started living in this reality. But it made me relaxed. I realized I no longer had to compete against dudes or put up hard boundaries. Those things just made me look reactive and weak.

Just the other week I was talking to a woman from Ontario. She was with a friend and spent the whole time trying to make me jealous.

This would be a good time for "indifference" but for me, there is a difference between passive indifference and active indifference. Passive indifference is pretending you are not jealous but deep down inside you are. Passive indifference is what most guys do in this situation.

Active indifference, however, is over-escalation, aka douchebag game. You over-escalate on her without caring how she will take it. Despite her attempts at trying to get a reaction out of me or categorizing me in some type of romantic hero role where I had to come save her from her friend, I decided to over-escalate and showed her I didn't care.

After I over-escalated, she ended up putting me in a completely DIFFERENT category. The player guy with no rules. I out-framed her with my frame. Even though she left with her friend, she ended up texting me the next night and coming over.

I was essentially telling her "Hey listen, I am part of the sexual fraternity too. We are both players. I am not going to save you nor will I get jealous. But I do desire you no matter what relationship situation you are in."

Active indifference, aka douchebag game, always works. You are operating at a level of sociopathy that women can relate to.

With passive indifference, you are lying to yourself at a certain level and you still come across as somewhat reactive. If you truly didn't care, you would simply enjoy her body in the moment.

"Always be willing to lose her at any moment"

This is bar-none the best attitude to have in game.

Any compromise and your game WILL weaken.

Surgically precise game is best game.


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