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Does a Lack of Housework Make Women Fat?

Does a Lack of Housework Make Women Fat?

Much too hilarious to not post here. Courtesy of Sargon of Akkad's newest video. It's worth being skeptical but still a fun little story.


The average female now spends almost 20 per cent less time on chores than her counterpart in the early 1980s.
Advances in technology also meant the housework she does do is likely to be lighter than in past.
While this brings many benefits, substituting strenuous housework for sedentary office work may take its toll on the waistline.

Jobs have become more sedentary, people spend more time watching TV and little sport is played.
The study showed the average Britain spends just 11.5 minutes a day playing sport.
Finally, commutes are longer but less active.
So, while 30 years ago, someone may have had a short walk to work, today they may have a much longer journey but spend it sitting on public transport.

Sadly the fix they have in mind is contrary to human nature.


Dr Luhrmann, a lecturer in economics, said: ‘Basically, people are eating less but maybe they are not eating little enough, given that activity levels have declined a lot.
‘Our research suggests that we are probably ill-advised to just look at food consumption as the main factor explaining obesity.
‘Both physical activity and calories are important.
‘Maybe we should spend more time on a more comprehensive approach where we don’t tell people to do more sport or eat less, but to work out how active they are and work on their diet accordingly.

Does a Lack of Housework Make Women Fat?

When I first saw the thread title I thought:

Do bears shit in the woods?

Does a Lack of Housework Make Women Fat?


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