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A pretty woman walks into the Espy's

A pretty woman walks into the Espy's

Based on your knowledge of the game, where is she trying to sit?

The bulky football players
The tall basketball players
The Scandinavian hockey players
The accessible baseball players
The crazy boxers
The rich golf and tennis guys
Low body fat endurance runners?
The power lifters?
The jockeys?

Lemme take the easy answers of the table, on stage/hat and coat check/by the loo - where she can be seen by all.


A pretty woman walks into the Espy's

Middle aisle, near the front row, next to one of the biggest sports stars in the country regardless of sport.

She wants that spot near the star so she gets maximum TV exposure. This way someone may notice her. Whether that's another athlete, modeling agency, drug dealer, musician, etc.

She wants the middle aisle and near because that's the center of focus of the awards so one of lesser known but still athlete can see her and want to pick that bad bitch up.

Basically she is advertising herself as a product in an arena of high status men. Her job is to get the most advertising exposure for the least capital(work).

A pretty woman walks into the Espy's

Assuming that she's not purely gold digging, she'll try to sit with the demographic that had the greatest influence on her growing up

Perhaps she grew up in a house with 3 brothers and a father all of whom were rabid football fans and a couple of the boys played amateur.
Maybe the first crush or love who played in the school basketball team
Perhaps she grew up in a rough neighbourhood where boxing was glorified
Maybe she was teased in high school for being fat until she decided to go to the gym and that "saved her life"
The overachiever from undergrad who ran marathons, built an NGO for people in a third world country and went to Harvard.
Or maybe the Scandinavian hockey player who reminded her of her trip to Europe where she had the time of her life

Something like that?

A pretty woman walks into the Espy's

On my dick. [Image: lol.gif]

In all reality, trying to get as much facetime on TV as possible and close as she can to super stars.

A pretty woman walks into the Espy's

Next to the dude that brought her because she didn't get that ticket herself and wouldn't come by herself even if she had.

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A pretty woman walks into the Espy's

There's no right answer. It's Friday in my part of the world, just a fun game post.

Although I'm sure if I said she looked like Anne Hathaway, Megan Goode, or Charlotte McKinney you guys would immediately have an idea who'd they want to sit next to.

A pretty woman walks into the Espy's

Isn't there a groupie section, likely off camera to the side.

Real gold diggers make their move at the afterparty and they'll have to get there early in order to get in before the competition gets too hot so I'll say "Closest to the exit" so she can beat the other girls into the venue.

These Instagram models, you'll notice at these events, they're usually to the side in kind of off-aisle seats when taking their selfies. [Image: Strip.gif]

They're called side bitches for a reason.

A pretty woman walks into the Espy's

If under 26, the crazy boxers.

If over 26, the rich golf and tennis guys.

This post brought to you by the letters AFBB.

A pretty woman walks into the Espy's

Do Espy's have X Games people?

I'll just talk about middle-upper class white girls because I think I'd have the best guess for them:

If 18-20 I'd expect a lot of the girls to chase skaters, surfers, dirtbikers, snowboarders, skiiers, Olympic swimmers etc. (individual sports mostly ones that are edgy and dangerous)

20-25: Baseball and Hockey

25+: Tennis, Golf, as said previously. Maybe some race car drivers.

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