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Serving it up on a platter.

Serving it up on a platter.

Just in case you thought the irreverent and/or anti-feminist spirit was completely dead in Australia.


THERE are calls for people to boycott Sydney’s Circular Quay Cruise Bar after a relaunch party last night was labelled “unacceptable”.

Women were hired to lie naked on long tables with nothing but fruit covering their bare bodies.

Passengers on board the grand-ship-style bar were even fed fruit by some of the naked hired help last night. Needless to say, that has caused a stir online.

I know this thread is utterly worthless without pics, but I can't seem to get hold of the image sourcecode from this computer.


Myer ambassador Kate Peck was at the launch and told her Twitter fans she had “dressed” some of the women.

“Tonight, before I started work, I needed to dress a girl’s breasts in bananas. #cruisebar #sydney,” she wrote last night.

The foaming outrage is fun:


One Twitter user wrote: “This is the display tonight at the Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal Cruise Bar — unacceptable. #destroythejoint.”
Another said: “[email protected] boycott Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal cruise bar #sexism.”
One Twitter using called the stunt “appalling.”
“Appalling. Women used as serving trays at Sydney bar in PR stunt.”

That said, one of the comments on the site is sheer gold:


Oh please look at all these comments from people supposedly living in a socially progressive country. Using women and girls as naked fruit, dessert, sushi, etc platters has been a tradition in socially conservative countries like Japan since the 18th century. I hear from world famous japanese chefs it's because food taste better when eaten off female bodies, there's thorough research supporting this. I'm not making it up! Japanese men prefer their plates to be naked, hot and underage. Maybe that's why they have the highest longevity in the world. We could learn something from this habit! (Although these days human plates are used more often in brothels in japan than restaurants or homes but hey)

[Image: laugh4.gif]

There will be more of this. Gestures like this, designed to generate comment and designed to be edgy, only happen when feminism and political correctness has become the norm and the establishment. Therefore advertisers have to think of something that still sends tingles to the old, overworked female amydgala. Not to mention the fact this is happening in Prison Australia. This, more than anything, indicates the tide is about to turn.

Remissas, discite, vivet.
God save us from people who mean well. -storm

Serving it up on a platter.

"Women were hired to lie naked on long tables with nothing but fruit covering their bare bodies."

I'll bet if the venue had hired obese women to lie naked while covered in donuts and cupcakes, they'd be getting praise for their "body-positive" message.

As for photos, the Daily Telegraph seems to have purposely made linking them impossible. But never underestimate the power of a good screengrab:
[Image: attachment.jpg27927]   
[Image: attachment.jpg27928]   
[Image: attachment.jpg27929]   

Serving it up on a platter.

I think miss bananas tits might be fake due to not flopping down to the sides lying. But can't make that decision until fed some grapes. Those bananas don't look ripe sadly.

Serving it up on a platter.


Would eat off.

Serving it up on a platter.

Eating food off a naked girl's body has to be one of the most depraved examples of the total subjugation of women. It reduces her to the status of a mere object that exists for the gratification of men, as her mind, body and soul are completely dominated by the men who eat off her and are in complete control of her.

[Image: sushi_by_cziiki.jpg]

[Image: ff7b545051a81ba43230c741e38ba260.jpeg]

Serving it up on a platter.

Old-school Eddie Murphy showing us how it's done.

[Image: BrFiPLgCYAAGIoh.jpg]

Game recognized.

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