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Fix Your Sleep

Fix Your Sleep

Quote: (08-18-2015 04:31 PM)Cr33pin Wrote:  

Man I sprained the shit out of my ankle last week playing basketball and pretty much couldn't walk for a week... I spent the week laying in bed watching Game of Thrones and playing Xbox but my sleeping pattern got thrown out of wack... now I am up till like 6 or 7am every night and sleep until 2 or 3 pm.
Its been a pain in the ass trying to use willpower to get back into a regular sleeping pattern.

If you can afford to do sleepless marathon one day, I've found the simplest way to correct this is to skip a night of sleep. Eat breakfast at your normal time and don't go to bed until the bedtime you want to have.

Just don't overshoot the opportunity to crash early or you may catch a second wind.

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Fix Your Sleep

Ive been trying to go to sleep early round 11pm instead of 2am and Ive got a huge problem:

I feel itchy all over my body and would wake up many times scratching myself all over.

This is fucked up because Im sure its cause by my change in sleep habit, because otherwise my bed is perfectly comfortable for naps, and when I got to sleep late I have no itching problem.

Anybody knows what this is about?

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