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Custom Suit Connects

Custom Suit Connects

While I was in San Francisco this past week, I was invited through a friend to a rooftop party for the company Proper Suit ( These guys are the real deal and true class acts. They do bespoke tailoring for men. The party was off the hook. They had dope chicks in there dressed to kill. Free liquor was also on hand (kegs, beers, bourbons, vodkas, etc). The party was at their SF office.

Brian from The Forum actually dropped the link to their website some weeks ago. I actually thought after the fact that he might have been one of the founders I met in SF. That dude's name was also Brian and he was also from DC.

Anyway, for just $600, you can get a custom made suit tailored to your preferences. That's an unbelievable price considering suits like that can easily start at 2 G's and higher.

The founders get their threads from China and can actually speak some Mandarin. Go to their site and find their location that's closest to you. Make an appointment to get your measurements and choose the kind of suit you want. They've got tons of options and you can get very creative in the design, even the interior design of the suit jackets. Once you've been measured and choose the style you want, they will send your order to China which is where they suit will be made.

I did my due diligence and have seen the quality of their work. It's impressive.

Go and see for yourself. Tell them my boy Abe sent ya and you should be good to go.

PM me if you have any questions, and be sure to report your experience on here after the fact.

Custom Suit Connects

I've got no affiliation w/them but I read a very positive review..

Custom Suit Connects

They apparently pissed off by using their forums for unpaid advertising, and when one account got cancelled they just registered another and spammed some more. Don't know if they can salvage their reputation ever again with that crowd.

At the $600 price point they're doing made-to-measure with outsourced assembly and no follow up fittings. Arms eyes will be large, like all off-the-rack. They also appear to be able to do more final fitting in the US, which of course costs more, but also is a closer fit (until you gain or lose 10 lbs, which is the big argument against getting too fitted of a look.)

I keep waiting for the English Pound to fall so I can commission a suit from

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