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How to pose for pictures

How to pose for pictures

I've been doing some online gaming and have recently discover (see: been told by fellow Rooshers critiquing my profile) that I need more/better solo pictures.

The reason I have so few to begin with is because I am not consistently un-photogeninc. (Yes you read that right) As in--despite being alright looking--I will only occasionally take an amazing picture (see: "allergic to flash" etc).

I've heard somewhere in my travels that having a set pose that you do and have at the ready is good. Do you guys have any ideas on finding / developing one etc?

How to pose for pictures

Some tips off the top of my head.

- Try not to use a direct flash. Use ambient (not straight on) sunlight. Try and bounce the sunlight onto your face.

- Use a low f-stop (2.8 - 5.6 max) and a medium lens (110mm is nice). This blurs out the background. Even better, if the background is in sun, and you are in shade (bouncing light onto your face).

- Keep your eyes closed until just before the shutter is released. This gives your eyes a more natural look, and reduces the "deer in the headlights" look.

- Rarely is standing straight toward the camera good, instead turn the body to a slight angle and then turn your head to meet the lens. Experiment with this and find what is your best side, etc.

Most good images come from times when you are not really aware of the camera. This mentality should be emulated when you get in front of the camera. Nervousness is transferred easily.

How to pose for pictures

Remember to relax and keep breathing- don't get stiff.

How to pose for pictures

"solo" pictures is your problem

Read this

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How to pose for pictures

Bumping this thread!

I actually need help on this subject. I suck at pictures. I was really insecure in my teens and that made me be very photogenic. Anymore tips on how to pose badass for pics? What types of profile pictures to use on online sites and facebook?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

How to pose for pictures

Sunglasses. Whenever anyone at the office or elsewhere breaks out a camera I whip out the sunglasses. (Looks cocky but actually stems from shyness.) You then stand out in a group photo.

How to pose for pictures

I recently explained this in another thread:

Quote: (01-06-2014 08:49 AM)funkyzeit Wrote:  

What I learned doing photography:

1. The "squinch" and jaw thing is good mainly for men, women benefit from the "Audrey Hepburn" submissive look.

2. Never look at the camera if you're a man. A man can get two points on the scale if he's appearing to be disinterested to the source of view, women know this on subconscious level and are attracted to it. If you really have to look at the camera then appear disinterested and judgemental (not bored!).

3. Never, ever hold your drink next to your chest. It screams "I'm afraid of socialization and I'm covering myself from social exposure". Place your drink right next to you on table/bar or hold it next to you near your hip area.

4. Never lean toward a female on pictures. They should lean toward you. If she won't a t first, she'll sense a distance and lean onto you. You stand still.

5. Avoid smiling unless you sport a Tom Cruise smile, and even then keep it to minimum. Women smile to look feminine, men smirk or look disinterested.

6. Position the camera so it slightly looks up to you. It screams dominance and is one of the most powerful tricks you can easily to to boost your value.

7. Wear clothes that fit and look mature. A hoodie won't make that whiskey look like it fits you and the situation.

8. Stand Contraposto

[Image: Image2.jpg]

Shifting your weight on one leg won't make you seem tired and weak. It'll make you seem like you're not afraid you'll be pushed and you're relaxed knowing you own the room. There is a reason why Greeks imagined their Gods and greatest of men standing like this.

9. If you have to sit then sit with your legs open and your crotch on display. If you have to cross them then cross them in the direction of camera, but point your feet away. This will show you are "not interested but you may be if she's a good girl". Also can be used to show your killer choice of shoes.

10. If you're a known troll in your social circle, then you can break one of these rules, but only to mock others. Lean towards the girl to ruin her photo, smile to make fun of her trained "facebook photo face", etc.

11. Avoid taking pictures next to taller/more handsome/more jacked guys unless you know for certain that your body language from points 1-9 will outmatch their. They'll make you seem less dominant. Also, don't be serious around losers, ruin the picture for them. Same with fatties and ugly girls. Girls will call you asshole but they will cream their pants.

How to pose for pictures

So when you guys go out with friends and take pictures this is what you do? I mean, I smile when taking pictures and those are the pictures I'm forced to use for my profile. I do well for myself, but probably could do better.

What I'm asking is before someone snaps a pic you're thinking "Shit, I need a new OKC profile pic, better not smile and look disinterested in the camera" or do you just have friends take pics for you?

Not trying to be a dick, I'm just curious because this is something I need to work on.

How to pose for pictures

+1 on sunglasses. I have strabusinus so my eyes do not line up and it's a great way to hide it. For sunglasses inappropriate pictures I avoid looking at the camera.

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How to pose for pictures

Hope this helps you



and this Swoop the world post on smiling, by 20Nation (great material)

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