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Superbowl Weekend in NYC

Superbowl Weekend in NYC

So I was in the NYC area for Superbowl weekend and hit up Parlay44. We made plans for Sunday evening because we figured there would be a good number of people out to watch the game. That the Giants were playing in the Superbowl made the situation even better.

Saturday night was pretty wild. I met up with an old pal from grad school and then with some of my Chicago contingent that was also in town. Started off at a bar called The Hill, then bounced to the Biergarten at The Standard. For those who haven't been to The Standard, definitely go there on a Saturday afternoon. Got some eye contact from many girls there and chatted up a 4 set of Indian girls instantly. Made plans with them for later in the evening to meet at The Gallery on the Lower East Side.

After my Chicago contingent separated for an evening power nap, my pal from school and I hit up Raoul's (a place on GManifesto's NYC data sheet). That place has fantastic food and a nice small bar. We had a great time there and got some ladies into our plans for later that night as well. Hung out there for a bit before getting to The Gallery for the beginning of a wild night.

For those of you who haven't been to this place, there are some pictures of girls flashing cameras on the walls there. A little weird, but definitely caught the eyes of 2 girls we met there (cute blonde and brunette). Spent some time with them until my Chicago contingent rolled in and the Indian girls from The Standard as well. A little later in the night, the blonde returned to me and got me away from my group for some time to dance. I ignored the girls from The Standard for most of the night until later on. This girl was grinding like no other blonde I've ever met. After making out with her for a while I told her we should bounce back to her place, but she lived in Connecticut...definitely not a place I wanted to go back to since I was staying in Newark. Tried to get her back to my hotel in Newark, but she didn't wanna go there. Long story short, this should have been a bang, but logistics messed that up. I knew my friend who had a place in the city wouldn't give me the keys to his place to bang this girl so I didn't even bother asking.

So blondie and her friend left and I returned to my group. We all left The Gallery not long after that. Ended up in Pranna, which was nuts. The place was filled to capacity. I finally got around to giving the girls from The Standard a little attention. The cutest of the set, probably a 6.5 or 7) and I hit it off on the dance floor for a while. I wanted to get away from her for a little bit, but she was so damn possessive of me. She even went up to other girls who were giving me eye contact to tell them to find their own man. Crazy NY Indian girls. Definitely a prospect for next time, because this girl was staying in a hotel with the other 3 girls she was with.

Parlay and I met up at my hotel in Newark and first checked out the Ironbound area. Looked pretty dead so we hopped on the train to NYC. Plenty of opportunities on the train on Superbowl Sunday.

When we got into the city, our first destination was Pranna. They were having a superbowl party, and it looked like it was fairly busy for a Sunday night. We hopped upstairs and talked to a cute bartender there. At the bar, Parlay started working on a sister and got her to buy him a shot while I was working on the bartender. Parlay exchanged digits with the sister and we hung out with her group for a little while before bouncing to the next spot.

The next spot was 40/40 and this place was happening even after the game was over, with all the Giants fans celebrating. We opened a set of cougars that were cold. A little later a group of 4 French Canadian girls were standing next to us and we got onto them, but the one I was making a move on got pulled away by her friends. The same thing happened to with the one Parlay was talking to. Not long after that, Jay-Z walked outta the place with 3 huge security guards and the crowd went nuts.

Stuck around for a bit longer, but the place started to die down. We left to get some food and head back. At our transfer point on the train, there was a 2-set of cute girls waiting for the same train as us and growing more impatient by the minute, which made it easy to get in on a conversation. Given that it was Superbowl Sunday, starting conversations with any girl was so easy. We talked to this 2-set for a little while, and continued after getting on the train. Got the digits of one, even though I wanted the other one. There was this beta orbiter butting into our conversation too. Really wanted to lay the woodwork to him, but I was feeling a little too nice to do that. More prospects for the next time I roll through Newark/NYC.

Overall, it was a fun trip. Girls in NYC can be cold, but also there for the taking. Plenty of options all over the place, basically 24/7. If anyone is rolling through North Jersey/NYC, hit up Parlay44. He's a fun guy to sarge with and seems to have a way with the sisters of NYC.

Superbowl Weekend in NYC

Seems like you had a fun filled trip with excellent Wingmen and lost a couple of Bang Opportunities................

G Posted a check list of things that are a must before going out in a new city, I do not have the link but it was some thing like

1. Logistics Your Fuck Pad/crib/Hotel with in no more then 15-20 min Cab ride, closer is better, as soon as opportunity arrises you bolt and leave your wingmen, they will understand.

2. Condoms

3. Champagne/Drinks at your place.

4. Smokes and a lighter if if you do not smoke [Image: smile.gif]

5. Music/Movie arrangement at ur place

6. Something to snack on, Girls do get Hungry.......


It would piss the hell out of me to lose a Bang because of simple logistics, I think forum has agreed before that Logistics is half the battle for SNL....

Thanks for the useful Info, I will be using it on my upcoming trip to NYC

"You can not fake good kids" - Mike Pence

Superbowl Weekend in NYC

Lothario, I knew logistics would have killed a lot of stuff since I was staying in Newark. Didn't expect anything to happen because of it, and turns out I was right. Next time I roll through, I'll make sure to stay in the city and not Newark. My basketball commitment kept me in Newark and was actually the reason I was sarging through the NYC area to begin with.

Next time...

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