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Peeping Thongs

Peeping Thongs

Every once in awhile I'll see a chick sitting at some Cafe with her thong clearly sticking out. I'm sure you guys have experienced it also.

I've always wanted to say something but could never come up with the right words..

How would you handle it??

1. "Hey, nice thong"

2. "This isn't 2003 anymore, tuck that shit back in"

3. "That thing sticking out doesn't make you look any hotter"

4. Grab a string and snap it

"Some May Never Live, But the Crazy Never Die..." ~ Hunter S. Thompson

Peeping Thongs

"Purple is my favorite color, too."

Peeping Thongs

LMFAO I love the second one.

Peeping Thongs

Is it Victoria's?

With God's help, I'll conquer this terrible affliction.

By way of deception, thou shalt game women.

Diaboli virtus in lumbar est -The Devil's virtue is in his loins.

Peeping Thongs

"Tuck that shit back in " is the one I'd use...if I had the balls!

It's a pretty skanky trait...most of them know they're doing it..

But it doesn't do as much damage to our society as the the
"Gansta droopy drawers" fashion...that really should be a crime where a cop can give you an on the spot $200 fine!

I saw a guy here in London the other day and if he didn't have underpants on his ass would have been out blowing in the (-2c) wind.
What is wrong with these people??!Idiots.

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