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Puerto Vallarta Data Sheet

Puerto Vallarta Data Sheet

I just noticed that there's no data sheet on Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. MX

Member Sly sent me a PM asking for info so I'm going to post what I know, I went there on July 2010 and stayed in an all inclusive resort close to Malecon, the hotel was Buenaaventura, cheap and ok food,

So the data sheet:

Info: Vallarta was a fisherman town, is a puerto not exactly a playa so the sea is not as calm as Cancun, in fact, Vallarta is the worst beach that I have been on Mexico, locals told me is because it was raining but I didn't like it, lots of rocks, I did a lot of kayaking and enjoyed it a lot though. Is a 4hr drive from GDL and has planes from all over Mexico and the US. Data sheet on GDL here

Some years ago Puerto Vallarta used to be a primary gringo destination, both from old people and young spring breakers, unfortunely(or fortunely for some) violence started to emerge in the north of the country but gringos, being as naive and ignorant as they are decided that all MX is the same(like saying that Detroit and Miami are the same) so cruise ships and spring breakers decided to abandon Puerto Vallarta(some still go there but not as much as before).

When spring breakers crashed the city and old people/families complained, businessman decided to build another place, Nuevo Vallarta in the state of Nayarit, 30min away from Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta is aimed for the old retired people, the beach is much nicer and you have the huge all inclusive resorts, not a lot of party so try to avoid nuevo vallarta and go to Puerto instead, is also cheaper. What happenned with Nuevo Vallarta is that now is divided, all the old people and families go to Nuevo Vallarta so Puerto became an accesible destination for mexican people(it was expensive before) so is now a prime party destination for mexican students that don't have the budget for Cancun/Playa del Carmen/Cabo. Puerto Vallarta is more expensive than Mazatlan though.

Is cheap to move around on taxi, in general they are honest and speak basic english.

The good thing is that Vallarta is close to the states that produce the best looking mexican girls(is in Jalisco, Sinaloa, Sonora, Chihuahua)

Safety: Don't act stupid, don't look for coke the moment you arrive, don't go to narcoplaces(taxi drivers know and can inform you of the places to avoid)

When: There's always people in Vallarta but the most busy dates are the Semana Santa-Pascua(this year is April 1-14) and the summer(July is the busiest). Also the Mexican Federal Holidays(February 5, March 21, May 5th, September 15 and 16, November 20)

I went summer 2010 and I catched lots of mexican high schoolers celebrating their graduations, most of them stayed in their own circle but a friend got lucky.

Areas: There are 3 areas in Puerto Vallarta: Malecon, Zona Romántica(GAY) and Marina. You want to stay as closer to Malecón as possible, all the nightlife is in Malecón.

You can go and day game on Vallarta downtown, just at the end of the Malecón. All Malecón is a prime day game spot, a street facing the sea, in downtown there are a lot of places that sell excellent seafood and a museum with the history of Vallarta and the Mexican Navy, is nice. Spanish is required for day game, for night not that much.

Nightlife: As I said before, I went almost two years ago but I just called a friend and asked and apparently from a few bars all things are the same:

Zoo Bar: I went there on wednesday and it was wild, the place was nothing special but there was a good party atmosphere, really cheap, middle class. My friend told me that now is more lower class and regaetton, ONS almost sure if you have game.

El Hilo: I went on thursday, bottle service pushed, nice music but bad service, my friend told me that now is lower class too.

Mandala: Great place, two(or three floors), nice music, dance, good prices, a good mix between a city and a beach club. Friend told me is still the same.

Xtine: Went there on Saturday, more of a city club, bottle service pushed but dance floor and great possiblities of hooking up, nice place, upscale, expensive by mexican standards, met a few girls, made out, no bang. Friend said is now more upscale so is kind of fresa.

Punto V: NEW, friend told me is not as upscale as Xtine but a great place.

Señor Frogs: Gringos, more of a college atmosphere, like McFadenns on DC and every other Señor Frogs in the world.

Hard Rock: Never been, not my kind of place.

Roo: New place, friend told me is good, middle class.

There are a lot of cuban and salsa, bachata, merengue places but I don't dance that good so I didn't go.

As always in LatAm, the more gringo or black you look the better, the upper clases go with their social circle and speak english but gringos are not a novelty for them, lower class is a novelty for them but don't speak that much english. You should target the middle-upper class from other mexican states celebrating something(graduation, bachelorette, etc.)

Puerto Vallarta Data Sheet

Thanks for all the help Bars!

Here is a video for Puerto Vallarta Spring Break 2012
For those of you who aren't into House music, the headliners are top notch!
Avicii and Tiesto can arguably be the world's best DJ today.

I wouldn't book with the company in charge. I'm thinking about booking a hotel on my own and just showing up to this and slipping a security guard some $..

Puerto Vallarta Data Sheet

I won't be able to make it for spring break anymore.

However, i'm booked to fly out the weekend of may 5th with my boss.

Money is no object to this guy. Everytime I go out with him he gets bottle service at the top clubs.

Club Xtine seems like a place we would do well at.

I noticed it is pretty far from Malecon.

Does anyone have any experience with hotels in Puerto Vallarta?
I told him I would book the room for us.
He said he wants to stay at the hotel where there will be tons of girls during the daytime at the pool.

Puerto Vallarta Data Sheet


Puerto Vallarta Data Sheet

I've never been to a resort area and Mexico, besides the obvious flocks of Americans and Canadians what other nationalities usually show up?

Puerto Vallarta Data Sheet

From my experience in Mexico resort areas, the Americans and Canadians dominate as you have stated. But you will get a nice sprinkling of upper class Mexicans, South Americans (especially Brazilians weirdly enough), and Western Europeans.

Puerto Vallarta Data Sheet

Quote: (06-08-2014 11:05 AM)Lumbajac Wrote:  

From my experience in Mexico resort areas, the Americans and Canadians dominate as you have stated. But you will get a nice sprinkling of upper class Mexicans, South Americans (especially Brazilians weirdly enough), and Western Europeans.

And Argentinians.

Puerto Vallarta Data Sheet

I was in PV with a couple of friends in April of this year. It seemed like there were more vacationers from other parts of Mexico than foreigners. But this could be due to the time we went, which is the beginning of the Holy Week holidays just before Easter.

The Malecon area mentioned in the OP still seem to be the popular place for night life. There were three or four clubs next to each other that were packed each night. Clubs aren't really my thing and we didn't go into any of those three, so can't really say much about them. You can see partly what talent is inside from the street though, as the buildings have a very open construction.

We did go to a couple of places that played salsa, merengue, bachata to dance. Kumbia was the most popular style there with more than 50% of the songs being that with some salsa/bachata/merengue sprinkled in there. I had one girl open me with perfect English in one of the bars. I asked her where she's from, and turns out she's Mexican, and has been going to PV every year for vacation for the past 3 or four years. She probably belongs to the upper-class Mexican vacationers mentioned earlier.

I don't go to bars/clubs in the US, but based on what I'm reading on this forum, the girls in PV definitely seem much friendlier.

Puerto Vallarta Data Sheet

I think if you're staying at a resort you're already fucked for PV.

I stayed there for a week in May in a hotel in the downtown area where it was a five minute walk back from the bars.

The malecon area is definitely where it's at. My favorite was La vaquita, as I did really well at the same named place in playa del carmen. I pulled a mexicana from here after two hours back to my hotel and we ended up staying with each other the whole weekend. Now she is practically giving me oneitis.

Many tourists wandering around during the day but they all look like shit. When you go out at night if you're wearing decent clothing and not flip flops and surf shorts you can do quite well. There wasn't a stigma against rolling solo, and the girls were intrigued. When asked why I was there I told them I was a fugitive from Canada and laughed.

Puerto Vallarta Data Sheet

Puerto Vallarta September Sheet...

Local Girls:

This is off season here so I feel I got a good look at the local talent and it is beyond bad. Walking on the beach was depressing Tuesday through Thursday. Not a single girl worth approaching. South of the malecon is filled with old gringos and a few late 30s early 40 American women who never "found themselves" sprinkled in

Prices: 50% to 100% higher then Guadalajara.
For example,
Beers: 30 to 75 pesos (75 pesos for a fucking corona on saturday at mandala plus 100 peso cover), vs 12 to 50 pesos.
Cheap Restaurant: 80 to 150 pesos vs 45 to 100 pesos.
Though sea food is the same.


Keep in mind some places listed above are closed for the off season. Xtine was closed for example .Usually, canadians start coming down late october I am told. Its pretty much just mexicans and americans or canadians for labor day right now.

During the week, there are only 3 places worth going.

Zoo Bar, Mandala, La Vaquita.

All 3 are right next to each other. Everything else is pretty much empty this time of year. You can check out the crowd from the street in these places. The hot girls here are usually gringas or locals working in the travel industry. Im not really seeing anything above a 7 yet.

Friday ..went to bed a little early...Huge storm this night...and frankly I was getting fucked up the night before with some chicago chicks. (found one tourist at least). Girl was a 7 but got white girl wasted and it was impossible to keep her attention.

It seems like a lot of people didn't make down and things are still pretty quiet. People go out at like 11-12 here though and I only made it out till 11 30 so maybe it picked up but from what I saw saturday it could nt have been that much. Its still raining

Saturday...seems everything changed. I go down and run some beach game. End up meeting 3 girls from LA who want to hang out. One of them is def very interested. We head out to Mandala later. And wow, the talent this night is absolutely off the charts. One chick, (whose is about to as close to a 10 as ive seen in life) was grabbing tons of attention, ever other chicks who were 8 s and 9 s, were getting wet looking at this girl. Im Already locked in with one girl so I dont approach. But just to sum it up Mandala has the best talent, no doubt.

Location: get an apartment on the Malecon. Close to the bars and its safe to walk on as well.

Puerto Vallarta Data Sheet

Anyone have any thoughts on Puerto Vallarta vs. Cabo San Lucas for a one week trip this winter, sometime in Dec-Jan...? I'm toying with the idea of a quick get away, want to do it on a mid-range budget, and main objectives are to swim, snorkel, check out good beaches, eat good food, party and get laid.

I'm seeing that from SFO it's only 40 minutes farther flight to P.V. then to Cabo, and flights are almost about the same cost. Seems like both places stack up pretty equally so I wonder if anyone has experiences with both places and can recommend one?

Puerto Vallarta Data Sheet

I can second the above póster that the beach is nothing special here. Its small and rocky.

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