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New Member Introduction

New Member Introduction

Thank you Roosh for providing a great resource for men. I have absorbed that you get respect here by providing information to others. Please lookout for my comments and tips on:

My observations regarding online game
Tips about my home city (Boston)
Real Estate (seems to be a few posts about this)

About me:

Mid 30's
Little to zero real life game
strong to quite strong online game
extensive travel
cheap bastard
moderately successful entrepreneur

A little history:
Was a no pussy getting MF for a long time. Started to get some experience with slam pigs. Entered a relationship with an older Japanese woman which opened my eyes to the wonders of foreign women, in addition to harnessing my hatred toward white American women.

Fast Forward....Getting moderately consistent poon from younger, foreign, non-caucasian women.

I'll hold off on posting for a while since I'm new, but very much looking forward to chiming in.

Thanks again Roosh!

New Member Introduction

How does one have strong online game and zero "real life game?"

You can score a date but fail in the real world? There must be a disconnect somewhere with the social skills.

Anyway welcome. There's also a thread in the Everything Else forum for newbies:

Vice-Captain - #TeamWaitAndSee

New Member Introduction

Maybe he means that when he talks to a girl on the internet first he's at ease when he meets them in real life because there's already a connection. However, when it comes to going in cold with the girl in his sights he freezes. I can relate to that.

Since I'm a new member I guess I'll post a bit about myself

Age: 28
Loc: NJ
Notches: About 30
Travel Exp: Not much. I've been to Toronto, and I lived in Miami for 2 years.
Job: None

I started reading about game back when I first graduated high school (2001) and just sort of forgot about it because I'm reasonably attractive and I had a killer body from doing martial arts (2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo). However, I had a 3 year relationship end on bad terms last April and even though I nailed an 18yo 8 three days after she left, I went through the depression that comes with putting stock into a woman. I started reading about game again when I came back to NJ in September and I'm now starting to work on a harem (I have a 17 yo 6 that thinks we are gonna be a couple, how cute).

10/14/15: The day I learned that convicted terrorists are treated with more human dignity than veterans.

New Member Introduction

pretty much spot on. If a girl decides to meet me it means she's already interested and I can basically do 50 or 100 approaches a day online. And like I said, isolation is huge. I'm finding that being a sociopath and having no emotions at all is really helping my rapport with women. I think Boston is also known to have the cuntiest women.

New Member Introduction

I think it's the northeast in general. Something about areas with money that makes people jerks. Though they don't call them Massholes for nothing.

I remember my second day working at a salad shop in Miami and this bitch from MA said something rude towards me about how I was doing my job. I just stared at her and she backtracked and blamed it on being from MA. When I told her I'm from NJ she warmed up to me really quick.

It took me a long time to figure out that "you seem so cold" is actually a compliment.

10/14/15: The day I learned that convicted terrorists are treated with more human dignity than veterans.

New Member Introduction

Hi fellows,

Would like to introduce myself to the group.

I made Roosh's acquaintance through purchasing “Day Bang” in Kindle format three or four years ago. The greatest resource available for the venue in which I meet new people (I’m not a nightclub guy). Thank you, Roosh.

I live in Canada. Married with two sons (16 and 13). My wife and I have homeschooled the boys from the start.

Over the past couple of years, I have gotten to know two of the weekly contributors to the Return of Kings website. One of these men referred me to this forum, for which I purchased a lifetime membership.

I am university-educated with an engineering degree.

I am a self-published author, having written a dozen books in a mixture of nonfiction and fiction (print and eBook formats). That has been my livelihood for the past 20 years. A fiction novel which is almost finished is an attack on institutionalized feminism.

I’m older (56) than most of the guys here. One area where I believe I can be a resource for other members is with homeschooling, especially for those men with sons. Self-publishing, possible too.

I read Return of Kings religiously, and follow Roosh and several regular authors on social media. Thank you all, gentleman. To the degree to which it’s appropriate, I’ve been referring various of your articles to my sons.

Looking forward to getting to know the members by participating. Thank you all in advance for your welcome.

New Member Introduction

There is already a separate thread to introduce yourself:

You just have to do a search on the forum search tool to find the thread

New Member Introduction

Thank you. I had done a search and found this thread. But the other one is indeed where I should be. Have posted there.

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