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Cross-Cultural Perceptions of Attractiveness

Cross-Cultural Perceptions of Attractiveness

Hello everyone,

I'm eager to initiate a discussion on a topic that has long intrigued me: How are certain male traits perceived across different cultures, and what roles do appearance, communication skills, and income play in this context? 

For this discussion, I’d like to introduce two hypothetical male profiles:

Profile A: Rated a 4/10 in looks, but with excellent game and communication skills (8/10), and a monthly income of €3,000. It has been suggested that this profile might be popular in countries like Ukraine and Russia, where physical appearance is supposedly less important as long as the man is financially stable. Additionally, this profile is said to appeal to women who value intelligence and flawless English conversation.

Profile B: Attractive appearance (8/10), 185 cm tall with an athletic build, and also a monthly income of €3,000, but hailing from Western Europe. His level of English is lower (3-4/10), as well as his game and communication skills (4-5/10). This profile is not considered "beta."

My question to the community is: In which European countries might these profiles be particularly successful, and why? Please share your opinions, experiences, or even contrary viewpoints. 

Thank you in advance for your contributions!

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