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The Meaning of the Red Pill

The Meaning of the Red Pill

The Red Pill idea gets confused.  It refers to the 1999 Matrix movie but did not appear in The Game (2005) or The Mystery Method (2006).  It started around 2007 (in the Sosuave forum).  Basically, posters would advise lovelorn guys to "Wake up, take the Red Pill.  The reality of dating is different than you think."

The Red Pill is not about looks, money, or status.  Self-improvement forums tell you to work out and get rich.  This is anti-game.  It is slow, and ignores the existence of gymcels and rich dateless men.  You are not going to meet many women in a hardcore gym or coding job.  The self-improvement mindset can weaken your inner game and make you think you are currently not good enough.  Women sense this.  They do not want insecure men who hate their jobs.  

To a large extent, the dating market works well and matches tall, rich, attractive, and educated people with their counterparts.  Yes, it is harder to meet women if you are ugly and poor.  Roissy wrote that game is a force multiplier, giving you more success in your current condition.

The Red Pill explains the counterintuitive phenomenon where treating women poorly often works better than being a nice guy.  Seinfeld even featured Opposite Day.  The insight of The Red Pill is that women use indirect methods to screen out fakers, poseurs, and emotionally weak men.  Amy Schumer had a funny skit about men who wear pretentiously wear fedoras and call women "m'lady".  When rejected and friendzoned, these men cry and get hostile or even violent.  This is what women want to avoid!

Wikipedia even has a number of related about informational problems.

Women want a man who is smarter and more sophisticated.  But these women don't have the knowledge and information to tell whether the man is smart and emotionally strong.  So women look for social proof and preselection to see whether a man is popular with friends, peers, and other women.  Women are repulsed by desperation, neediness, and insecurity.  Women figure that if a man is insecure, then there is a good reason.

In economics, sellers sometimes invest in "signals" to communicate quality.  For example, a bank might invest in an expensive marble lobby.  It doesn't make them a better bank.  But customers figure that the bank will be around for a long time if it invests so much in the lobby.  To be credible, signals must be hard to fake.  A Rolex watch is easy to fake.  Bottle service at the nightclub is hard to fake.  Muscles are hard to fake.   

Women often use "thirst traps" with sexy pictures or spicy conversational bait.  Thirsty men will jump and throw out unearned compliments.  Confident, experience, and secure men will stay cool and nonreactive.

Women will provoke men with "fitness tests" or "shit tests" to see whether these men enforce boundaries.  It is really hard for men on a cold streak to resist letting a woman get her way.  Again, men with options know their value, and will not tolerate bad behavior for hints of sex.  These men are willing to walk away, and this is what makes them attractive.

The point is that confident mature men have a strong mental frame and sense of self, and a silly woman cannot change it.  These men will not get angry or upset by a shit test.  They will simply decline to play.  The smart men realize that women often behave badly because that feel attraction; it is a good sign.

Here is another indirect example.  Say that you recently moved to the area, or came out of a relationship.  This gives you a good excuse for being single.  Women hate long-term local losers.  They will ready date separated or divorced men.

You cannot use the Red Pill at work, to make money, get fit, etc.  Those areas are totally different.  Indeed, corporations want employees who are agreeable and work as part of a team.  There might be counterintuitive ideas about investing or fitness, but they are completely different from dating.

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