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BREAKING! Are 'meet-cutes' the new way of dating in 2024?

BREAKING! Are 'meet-cutes' the new way of dating in 2024?

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It is common knowledge that dating apps have had their day. The big problem with Tinder and other dating applications is that they are frequently populated by low quality people, which has effectively transformed them into shitty clubs frequented only by morons and losers.

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During its purported "golden age," Tinder exhibited a greater degree of gender parity and a more heterogeneous user population. Currently, only thirsty incels and other failures remain. Thus, in 2024, Tinder is comparable to female entertainment. Having a sub-10 photograph on Tinder is Brutal. She swipes through his photos, mocks his appearance, laughs at his messages, and shows her friends how parched he is in order to gain more attention.

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But these guys are too dumb and desperate to figure this out... 

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It is as if females were at a free-car dealership; why would they choose the less desirable vehicles when the lambos are inherently superior? Why choose a 9/10 chad when they could choose a 10/10 at any time?

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A young lady I know makes an income by conversing with hundreds of men and requesting between five and twenty dollars from each of them. She would visit McDonald's and the cashier (the type of dudes who use dating appz) would give her twenty dollars. 

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It always amuses me when guys say, "I don't understand girls bro; they ghost for no apparent reason; it's as if they have no idea what they want." No, they precisely know what they desire, and her ghostings are always for a reason. Typically, the reason for this is that she considers him to be comparable to a disposable razor. While idling at home, she became restless and sought additional validation, so she began texting him. Then the real-life guy texted her back, causing her to ghost him for something real. Dating app woman with whom you converse literally have dozens, if not hundreds, of men sending her weekly messages. She doesn't even have to be cute or female. In Thailand, ladyboys receive hundreds of appointments. From personal experience, despite the fact that my domestic maintained a modest private Instagram account, she received messages from literally dozens of men:

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Are meet-cutes the new way of dating in 2024? PAG was talking about this over a year ago and some silly handicap admin banned his acct. 

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I did a bit of digging and found this: https://***.org/comment/85#comment-85  Huh

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BREAKING! Are 'meet-cutes' the new way of dating in 2024?

PAG is back lol

BREAKING! Are 'meet-cutes' the new way of dating in 2024?


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