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Classification of races of women

Classification of races of women

[Image: World-iq-map-lynn-2002.svg]

We can base ourselves on this world map of IQs to help with our classification of women. 

- First, we can notice that there are two ultimate races : The Aryan race and the Chinese race. If we juxtaposed this map with the world map of height, we would notice that both IQ kingdoms and height kingdom coincide exactly. Thus, we can deduce that the two ultimate races are the Aryan race and the Chinese race. I would just add a small precision about the Chinese race : we should not include Japan because although they have high IQ, they don't comply with the height standards (contrarily to people of China and of Korea). 

- Second, we can draw a line that links the two ultimate races, to form the silk road. This road allows us to find, exactly at the middle, the best exotic women : the Iranians. 

- Now, there is a weird genetic quirk with niggers : they are rather small on average, but if you check dating apps that allow women to write their height, you will notice that black women are the second most representative race of very tall women (above 1m80). Even though on average the Chinese race is taller, you will find more very tall africans (confirmed in real life too). Plus, they tend to have huge asses and boobs. But of course, these African goddesses don't go with scrotes like Rottenapple (he tends to favor tattooed midget niggers who suck cock for a living). 

- Then, there is the bottom of the barrel, where most sex tourists from the incel form swooptheworld go to : SEA and Peru. There, you will find low-IQ midgets who live in terrible pollution. 

- Of course, even below SEA and Peru you will find Africa. The 1m80 african goddesses are not included in this group (they tend to migrate to western countries or to be with very rich mafia african politicians). In this genetic group it's the typical monkeys that Rottenapple goes for. As an example, you can see his last girlfriend here, Pag's sister (he starred with her in Black mirror season 6 episode 2) : 

[Image: pia-and-davis-Black-Mirror-Season-6-Epis...d-jpg.webp]

Classification of races of women

is this some kind of a joke

Classification of races of women

2/10 troll post. Starts off strong . Quickly falls apart when the premises and conclusions of the argument become absurd.
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