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Banning racism here makes no sense.

Banning racism here makes no sense.

The Roosh V Forum was, and always will be, a forum dedicated to guys traveling to other countries for the purpose of gaming women.  It involves sharing advice about other countries in order to assist in the pursuit of game.  Providing advice about game involves making generalities about human nature, specifically, female psychology.  Given the intersection between this, and traveling to other countries, such advice will necessarily involve making generalizations about the people who live in certain countries.  This, by definition, is racism.

If you ban racism here, you are literally banning the entire reason why this forum exists.

To demonstrate this point, if racism here is banned, the following types of comments would not be allowed:

"Women from Country A generally prefer X."
"Country B has bad food and an expensive standard of living."
"Women from Country C are easier to game compared to Country D."

Such comments are not only helpful to readers, but fall within the scope and purpose of the Roosh V Forum.

Furthermore, to be consistent with the philosophy of banning racism, we would need to scrub the forum of 50-90% of it's former content.

You could argue that only "hateful" comments will constitute racism, but this will always be a matter of degree.  Consider the statement "Country B has bad food and an expensive standard of living."  This is clearly a negative statement about the inhabitants of Country B.  Where do you draw the line between criticism and hate?

I would recommend that the forum operator not ban people for racism.

Banning racism here makes no sense.

What about returning to the unspoken rule on racism: it's never allowed, unless it's really really funny.

Banning racism here makes no sense.

"Freedom of expression is important.
The main focus of the forum is still and will forever be Game & travel. Political talks are authorized in the dedicated subsection."

"Racism is strictly prohibited. Voicing your opinion on the subject is prohibited. Voicing opinion on this rule is prohibited."

Is it only me seeing this as a violation of the First Amendment?
All that racism nonsense sounds like SJW / Jewish stuff, which is nothing but annoying.
tough_guy summend it up pretty well.

Banning racism here makes no sense.

I don't care about your first amendment. It's not the USA here.
Apparently too many people confused freedom of expression with turning the forum into their very own personal playground spamboard where they can apespam "NIGGER NIGGER ME WHITE ME SUPERIOR TO MONKEEEYS" with nothing of substance or utility for other people.

Racism is banned because there are too much of these rock-bottom white people that have nothing but their whiteness to be proud of, and pass their time spitting useless hate on internet.

Simply stating in the travel forum that some people are easier to get, lazier, or have some preference is not against the forum rules.

I'm white and well aware that there are differences between races. But this topic turns too many people into passionate haters and it hasn't much to do with traveling or game, so it is banned.

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