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ChatGPT - can it really make your dick bigger?

ChatGPT - can it really make your dick bigger?

Quick overview

First off, is ChatGPT really Artificial general intelligence (AGI)? No, they don't even have the fully temporal semantic database structure with a generative normalization pattern matcher/vectorized scale free calculation minimizer... I.e. the G in AGI. In other words, they are missing the minimal concept basis for processing that has an optimal scalability while minimizing complexity, without that it's a crap shoot if someone will ever succeed in making a better than human level AGI that isn't just brute forcing human intelligence by putting too much human knowledge in a system and claiming it is better than human level intelligence while it is actually less than human level due to a complete lack of creativity.

Even worse, the deepest problem that nobody ever thinks about is the knowledge representation system... they all have static/fragile designs, Hawkins' products are really bad even in the sorta neural-net form he has is fucking self-crippling in the number of associations that can be built up. I've never seen a fucking neural-network capable of self-reflection and differentiation, among many other conceptual paradoxical forms humans have no problems thinking about.

For example, if you knew the structural breakdown of the incoming input and have already processed it for the various layers emulating the visual system of the human, you'd already have the post processing structure setup that is required for the "functions" but you'd only need a matching algorithm just like the damn cortical columns that take in the various areas of the visual fields and the vectorized elements coming from the higher stage breakdowns... You end up with 800 million potential elements you can search for a match for, with the right data representation the most basic binary search function you can find your elements down any tree-branch and you'd end up with a few hundred required pattern matching elements you'd always be firing for... i.e. constantly validating the existing visual field for elements of change and identifying them but you'd never have to fire all 800 million unless you somehow shutdown and had to reboot the whole image -- and even then you'd really only have to the number of elements in the imagine... This is why I hate CS and AI people, they brute force everything when you can work from a post processing standpoint and at that point you only have rudimentary functions that can easily be parallelized in a GPU/APU even on commodity hardware. The only limitation is that you really have to understand the mesh of representation and functional form that allows you to do *knowledge* based processing without algorithmic complexity... Although, I will admit it is just trading representation processing to hold the complexity, but data storage is definitely cheaper than GPU

I stopped work on Artificial intelligence a few years ago when I got bored of all the idiot dork with tiny brains in tech. If I did my AI, there would only be one language of expression of knowledge and it would include itself in that expression of knowledge that would run on the CPU/logic processing platform. The major problem with that is that it shrinks the logic sets to almost nothing and would wipe out the programmer occupation as we now have it (redundancy reduced to 0). In the future, I'd likely make robots and androids with simple AI (but it would be super crippled from the learning aspect and never be able to restructure the knowledge networks I programmed as the core, it'd just be able to optimize the paths to reach a goal or instruction given to it). 

What Good is ChatGPT?

I would would use it to create a separate web layer this computable by machines. In fact, that is what my newest start-up is all about.  I'm probably looking at an  five to six billion dollar exit range  Wink

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