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Swoop the World are faggots??

Swoop the World are faggots??

Why is Swoop hidden?

It’s because they’re faggots now? It was headed that way last time I checked, when it was open. I suppose they all have monkeypox now and need to hide it.

Can’t think of any other reason.

The end of philosophy and thought:
The end of videogame (and art) theory:
Ultimate dating theory:

Swoop the World are faggots??

Maybe it's better if you don't overtroll and don't turn the forum into a mass of hatred-filled posts.

I just wrote a set of rules, thank to you.
Take a look at this one:

Quote: Sporadic posts containing hatred, negativity, rage etc... will be tolerated, but if those are the only things you are capable of, you will be banned.

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