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Swastika game

Swastika game

I wonder what an effect it would have if you went around opening girls with a giant swastika on your shirt. It would be extremely polarizing, which I can see having a positive effect in the sense that girls want exciting and not boring guys, and you certainly can’t call a neo-Nazi “boring”. A swastika on your shirt is basically instant “bad-boy” status in a way that no other accessory can give you. And you immediately have something to talk about lmao, though you should of course steer the discussion away from politics as soon as possible, just because it is unproductive with females (who basically don’t give a shit about politics, especially if they’re young and pretty).

Keep in mind also that racism is rising in White countries, in Sweden for example the far-right, ex-Nazi party just nearly came first in the national elections, so it’s not the ‘90s or 2000s anymore, and this stuff is becoming mainstream. It remains an open question however exactly what types of girls would not be repulsed by this ideology. My guess is the worst and the best kind: vile sluts and smart girls. It is the mediocre that will give you the most trouble. That’s my guess at any rate.

So I think that with this move, you eliminate entirely the issue of girl apathy in an approach. Even the most apathetic will react in some way, and the game will be on!

Goes without saying this isn’t an easy tactic, it’s not even a safe one. You will eventually be harassed by bystanders, maybe even cops. But if you’re smart and strong and daring, it might be something you want to try.

Really the only thing I need is a place to buy the shirt at this point. I’ll google it right now, and report back when I have results.

Another important consideration is whether to have the swastika in the front or in the back. I imagine it would make a huge difference both for the approaches, and for your personal safety.  Even more hardcore would be a tattoo on your face lmao. Watch the movie Shot Caller if you want to get inspiration on that, and many other things besides (like White supremacy fashion tips).

P.S. And btw, I suspect that non-Whites using this tactic will clean up. I think it would be nitrous for their sex life, on top of just being hilarious as fuck. Like I would pay money to see the infields. There are right-wing alternatives to YouTube now, someone should try it.

Swastika game

That'd surely do nothing more than greatly hurt your conversion rate.
At this point it's more about making a political statement than wanting to get laid.

But that seems fun, you do it and report back Tongue

Swastika game

If you want to be polarizing, just wear a red Trump "Make America Great" hat in a liberal city. Women will come up to you. The late Patrice O'Neal would deliberately provoke women, because it is easier to turn hate into love than to attract an indifferent woman.

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