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Help me contacting these members

Help me contacting these members

Some well known members who also happen to have a big following are hard to contact.
If anyone know a way to chat with them and maybe convince them to share a link on their blog/twitter, that would attract many users:

West Indian Archie

He didn't connect since 2020 on SWT, and his site doesn't accept new registrations to try to contact him thru the comment section

Moma and RudeBwoy

Their site doesn't contain any contact info. Their twitter doesn't accept DM.

Naughty Nomad

He won't answer/read me on twitter: I guess his inbox is overflooded or he just ignored me?
He also has a facebook group
I still haven't been granted access to this group. Please try to join and inform them about our forum.

Good news:

My Latin Life I've sent him a message but I think he didn't read it.


If you know anyone who could be interested and share a link on his site, please contact him and let me know

Reminder that you can check biggest posters here
And you can also check the biggest swoop posters (should we try to steal their members?)

Help me contacting these members

We got a tweet talking about our forum from Naughty Nomad Smile I think that may be thank to Archivist
Someone also posted a link on gab that is driving some traffic: any idea who posted it?

Help me contacting these members

I have been in contact with My Latin Life on Twitter. Like myself, he has outgrown his gaming days and has put his gaming in the past, up to removing the by-city “easiness of dating” information for most of Latin America from his website.

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