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Which group is responsible for the predicament that Western Civilization finds itself

Which group is responsible for the predicament that Western Civilization finds itself

Quote: (05-16-2019 12:02 PM)Sp5 Wrote:  

Quote: (05-16-2019 09:09 AM)911 Wrote:  

Quote: (05-16-2019 05:46 AM)Sp5 Wrote:  

C'mon, Lenny. You'll have to provide examples of "supposedly profit-driven corporations hemorrhaging billions of dollars to push fat, fag and trans acceptance."

These things are subject to analysis through hard data. The Securities and Exchange Commission and shareholder democracy demand it.

And who said there are no villains or remedies? Certainly, Bernays pushing cigarettes on women as "Torches of Freedom" might qualify as a villain. It's more like blaming some obscure Frankfurt School, almost all dead now, and a few ranting professors, absolves the real system grinding people down.

Note this is a logarithmic scale, Dow closed yesterday at 25,648.02 +115.97 (0.45%)

This is an incredibly short-sighted statement that totally flies in the face of reality. Frankly I have a hard time understanding how anyone on this forum of all places can have the gall to write something as misguided as this...

The Frankfurt School is anything but dead, it has unleashed cultural marxism and completely taken over academia, shaping the mindset of hundreds of thousands of graduates and taking over all aspects of popular culture, mainstream media, corporate culture and most governments across the West, as well as foreign policy, with the US now making globohomo an integral part of their policy doctrine.

George Soros for instance is a pure product of the Frankfurt School, he was mentored by Karl Popper, one of its leaders. His Open Society Foundation is nothing but the pure implementation of Karl Popper's cultural marxist ideology, down to its name, based on Popper's "Open Society and its Enemies":


George Soros claims as his mentor the philosopher Karl Popper, author of The Open Society and its Enemies. “He influenced me with his writings and his thinking,” Soros says in his book Soros on Soros.

Read more: The Shocking Truth about Soros Mentor Karl Popper’s “Open Society” Philosophy | The Soros Files

Soros is but one small arm of the global cultural marxist juggernaut. The takeover of US academia by the Frankfurt School was a key milestone in that process. Gender studies, attacks on males, attacks on the white majority (which started with the publication of Adorno's "The Authoritarian Personality" by the American Jewish Council, which became the bible of all psychology departments across academia), promotion of gay and trans agenda, attack on family, on Christianity, "toxic masculinity", "white privilege",... All of this is the implementation of the pure cultural marxist ideology of the Frankfurt School. To deny this basic fact is beyond ridiculous.

Your illustration of the Dow Jones index chart and drop in wages/purchasing power only tells half the story. The billionaire oligarchs at the top are more concerned about control of society than pure financial gain, they already control the banking system and are enormously wealthy.

They do not want the rise of a strong, healthy middle class with a national consciousness, and are therefore throttling economic growth through things like engineered crises like the Great Depression and Great Recession, or the scam of Global Warming with its carbon taxes and artificially induced energy poverty.

One of the main reasons they have launched feminism is to destabilize the population and destroy families. Atomized individuals with little in terms of national identity, faith and community support are easy to rule over, they will be raised and their mindset will be shaped by daycare centers, school and colleges, mass media and BS new age "spirituality".

They will worship and emulate vapid degenerate manufactured stars instead of looking up to and emulating their parents, grandparents and members of their cultural community. They will be incapable of raising families, and programmed to see the other half of the population as their enemies, with the false dialectic of left-right pseudo-democracy.

I don't see how you can be completely blind of all this social engineering.

As usual, you make a number of factual statements without any reference except for one of the type of your usual sources, some random anonymous blog which attacks Soros and his intellectual mentor, Karl Popper. Have you read Popper's The Open Society and its Enemies? As the blog acknowledges, it was one of the main anti-communist texts during the Cold War. There's nothing wrong with Popper, unless you're against freedom.

But Soros ain't shit. He's just one of many billionaires. I saw some of his Open Society Institute people working in the Middle East, they were doing the usual NGO and free media development. Same shit that DFID, USAID, AusAID, UNDP, EuropeAid does.

Open Society Institute's glory days were its work helping to convert Eastern Europe to free market economies. They did some impressive stuff there, lots of economists and business consultants. And it was successful - those countries have had an impressive growing in prosperity. Soros is a standard neoliberal. He's talking all the time, it's not like anything he does is secret.

Then, the rest is "They . . . They .... They" Who and how? How do these "cultural marxists" control trillion dollar economies and a billion voters? Or is it "the oligarchs?"

I'm going to return to Bernays and him pushing women to smoke in behalf of the American Tobacco Company, because it's very illustrative of the effect of capitalism changing values in order to open markets and increase sales.

Here's a couple of key passages from a paper on the subject,

Brandt, 1996: Recruiting Women Smokers: the Engineering of Consent, Journal of the American Medical Women's Association


By the early 20th century, the cigarette had come to represent a powerful clash in cultural values. Traditional morality configured the cigarette as a threat to the moral sanctity of women; at the same time, the cigarette marked the erosion of
certain expectations of strict boundaries between the worlds of men and women.
The cigarette became a symbol of new roles and expectations of women’s behavior. From an emphasis on discipline and self-restraint that had characterized late
19th century cultural values, individuals were now being encouraged to consume.
If pleasure and indulgence were anathema to Victorian expectations of women, by
the 1920s, pleasure and indulgence were critical components of what would come
to be called the “consumer culture.”6


By 1929, Hill sought more aggressive interventions to change the meaning
of women’s smoking and to publicly attract this vast new market. As Bernays
recounted, “Hill called me in. ‘How can we get women to smoke on the street?
They’re smoking indoors. But damn it, if they spend half the time outdoors and
we can get ‘em to smoke outdoors, we’ll damn near double our female market.
Do something. Act!’”9 Bernays set out to identify and destroy the taboos associated with public smoking for women. Seeking to capitalize on the available scientific knowledge of human behavior, he enlisted the advice of noted psychiatrist A. A. Brill, who explained, “Some women regard cigarettes as symbols of freedom. Smoking is a sublimation of oral eroticism; holding a cigarette in the mouth excites the oral zone. It is perfectly normal for women to want to smoke cigarettes.”9

Here's something I saw with my own eyes. It's an ad campaign for Beefeater gin


Now, those ads seem to portray a feminist message subversive of traditional values. A tatted up, pierced slut and a hard core dyke. Live and let live, I say.
Is the purpose of the ads to subvert traditional values? No, it's to sell gin. They're basically subverting their own brand "Beefeater" trying to be cool.

Lenny didn't provide any examples of companies wasting "billions" on "trans, fat and fag acceptance" because there aren't any.

Beefeater is a brand owned by PernodRicard, a French public company. They are in it to make money, as is the advertising agency which designed the campaign, McCann.

Pernod Ricard ADR stock

It has a lot of brands!

McCann is accountable to PernodRicard for any change in sales as a result of this campaign, and PernodRicard management is accountable to its shareholders. The performance of Beefeater in Spain and PernodRicard are not going to be secrets. It's all out in the open.

I prefer seeing what's in front of me to believing in shadowy conspiracies of Soros, "the global cultural marxist juggernaut," the CFR, the Frankfurt School or da Jooos in general.

You prefer to see what's in front of you, but are going out of your way to not see what's behind what's in front of you, for whatever reason...


Then, the rest is "They . . . They .... They" Who and how? How do these "cultural marxists" control trillion dollar economies and a billion voters? Or is it "the oligarchs?"

I'll let Bernays answer that question:

[Image: 5e14a9fecbc73f0ca23a9ea58597254d.jpg]

[Image: Edward-Bernays-2.jpg]


[Image: quote-if-we-understand-the-mechanism-and...-66-17.jpg]

Bernays worked for some of these oligarchs, like John D Rockefeller, the Vanderbilts, the Roosevelts, and that periods' neocons in support of US military interventionism in WW1 and in Latin America. Bernays' precursor, and the father of PR was Ivy Lee, who was Rockefeller's PR arm, and a founding member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

These oligarchs own Wall Street, founded and own the Fed in 1913, control the media, academia, the medical establishment/big pharma, the think tanks, popular culture.

This is a very good rundown of the history of American oligarchs through the story of the Rockefeller and the oil industry:

Most of the old oligarchs are still active, though there is some turnover in their ranks, with the oligarchy going from majority WASP/minority Jewish to now being more Jewish dominated, with Bloomberg, Zuckerberg, Adelson, Ellison, Brin, Page, Soros, Sackler and co joining the ranks of the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs and Bronfmans.

They don't push globohomo primarily for profit, but as an instrument to debase and control the masses by turning them into atomized individuals and compulsive consumers who are slaves to their primary impulses. Gillette's campaign for example is not a moneymaker, it is at least as much a tool for societal change (see the "Get Woke Go Broke" thread). Just like the media is a tool for societal change and not a pure money play.

Soros didn't invest millions into Vice for profits, and Bezos didn't buy the Washington Post because it was a profitable enterprise, these people control the corporate boards and the advertizing agencies, and are about societal control through social engineering.

“Nothing is more useful than to look upon the world as it really is.”

Which group is responsible for the predicament that Western Civilization finds itself

Quote: (05-16-2019 09:53 AM)911 Wrote:  

1-" Church is just an outdated version of globalism "

No, the Church is a bullwark against globalism. The resilience of the Catholic church in Poland was the main resistance against Soviet communist globalism in the eastern block. And today, the Orthodox church is a powerful bullwark against globohomo globalism, one of the main reasons Russia is vilified by the (((neocons))) who rule most western governments.

Yes the Catholic church is vulnerable to infiltration since Vatican II with Cuck Francis pushing, ironically, a subversive pagan agenda. Francis is a kabbalist who has a personal witch and is the pagan worm that's rotting the apple from inside. There is however a Catholic revival across many parts of the West, we will win and bring back logos to the faith.

Scofield bible Evangelicals are indeed globalist tools, they essentially worship Israel as their god, no argument there.

Polish deserve respect for resisting all three - Nazism, Communism and now Globohomo. However, they still have central Rothschild bank, usury and have no allodial rights. They look free for Christian standards, but it's superficial.

You overestimate political freedom and individual freedom is not even on your radar. Who cares if you live under capitalism or communism if you are still a spiritually blind person who cannot see past his death, cannot travel outside your body, cannot heal from autoimmune diseases or even teeth cavities. Who cares if you live in free market economy or command economy if you still are a slave who thinks spirituality is worshiping a Master instead of rewiring your being into image of God.

Russia, the largest country in the world, itself is an attempt of globalism.

Orthodox church in Russia is utterly corrupt. Every high ranking priest is KGB agent driving a luxury car.

Russian elites give no shit about personal freedoms or any spirituality. They wear it as a mask to justify their grab of power.

Russia is vilified because it is the country of white men (mainly). Hate on Russia is part of hate on white men. It has more to do with Indo-Aryan roots then with religion.

Words Russia and race have common origin and it means white. This is why it is hated.

What are your sources about Francis having a personal which?
I assume he has some kaballist knowledge. Kaballah is matrix behind all Abrahamic religions and high level priests could get initiated in it.
Kaballists do not have witches. Kaballah is meant to be studied for men only. You probably have no idea what Kaballah is. Your idea about it is pop-culture based or based on some Christian superstition.

Quote: (05-16-2019 09:53 AM)911 Wrote:  

2- "Kaballah holds very powerful spirtiual insights that Christians do not have. Because of this a person using kaballist knowledge can rule over ignorant masses."

Ah yes, kabbalah holds powerful spiritual insights that Christians do not have, like how Jews have five levels of soul and are god-like, while the goyim only have three and remain on an animalistic level... That's your powerful spiritual insight?[Image: lol.gif]

Kabbalah adepts are treasonous dupes and cucks, or globalist agents and collaborators like Madonna or high level masons who apply its precepts to mass culture and government. In France for example, minister of Education Vincent Peillon straight out claim that kabbalah should be the state religion, and this ethos pervades the national educational curriculum (same in the US education sytem, see whistleblower Charlotte Iserbyt).

You have no idea what Kaballah is. Madonna is to Kaballah like commercial yoga in western gym for slutty women is to true Yoga as practiced by holy hermits in Monasteries and mountain caves.

Kaballah is to be understood esoterically. Spiritually developed persons do have more layers of soul then people who live like animals, it's true. Of course Jews usurp this concept to think they get these additional soul levels just by being born Jewish and not by hard spiritual work. This is what happens if you throw pearls before swine.

it's a great crime how an esoteric teaching has been turned into propaganda for nationalistic superiority identity. This is what Saturn wants - the Eurpeoan knowledge of soul has died with death of their Pagan faith. Only Jews have this knowledge but it is interpreted exoterically not esoterically for superiority propaganda purposes up to the point a white Christian man is even afraid to touch it, believing it is the word of Satan and so he misses the whole understanding of his soul and cannot understand himself and this world and has no power in it. This weaponisation of kabbalah and destruction of counterpart native-European knowledge is the true inversion.

Kaballah is valuable for this knowledge of soul - from what it consists, what to do with each part, what survives death and what not and how. Christians do not have this knowledge they just think of soul as something non-dimensional. No wonder Christianity produces atheism. If you do not know the dimensions of your soul - you cannot perceive it and end up believing there is no soul at all.



". . . 'living soul' designates Israel because they are children of the Almighty, and their souls, which are holy, come from Him. From whence come the souls of other peoples? Rabbi Eleazar said: 'They obtain souls from those sides of the left which convey impurity, and therefore they are all impure and defile those who have contact with them.'. . .'living soul' refers to Israel, who have holy living souls from above, and 'cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth,' to the other peoples who are not 'living soul," but who are as we have said." Bereshith 47a

"Gentile souls are of a completely different and inferior order. They are totally evil, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever . . . their material abundance derives from supernal refuse. Indeed, they themselves derive from refuse, which is why they are more numerous than the Jews. . ." Abraham Foxbrunner. Chabad: The Hasidism of Schneur Zalman of Lyady. Northvale NJ: Jason Aronson Inc., 1983. p. 108-109.

FYI Schneur Zalman of Lyady is the founder and spiritual father of Chabad, and historically a leading figure in Jewish theology and the study of kabbalah.

All of this is true. Except that you do not get born into being a jew or a gentile but you develop a "Jewish" or" Gentile" soul by hard spiritual work. Torah is an esoteric text on how the soul develops. These so called Jews in physical world are servants of Saturn/Satan who call themselves Jew to keep this powerful knowledge unto themselves. They brainwash you into thinking that this knowledge is for them while Christianity (or Islam) is for you, so that you would never even want to touch this knowledge. They create a false identity for you. This is how clever their subversion is.


3- "If we valued nature as sacred and if we would live much more natural lifestyles as Pagans, we would be pretty much immune to usury"


Jesus didn't get angry for usury, but for Temple being used as a marketplace.

To be free of usury you not only need to decomecialise your temples but also your everyday life. Christianity has no teaching on this. Yeah it teaches that entrance into Church is for free, (although you would still get shamed for not tithing in many churches) but does it teach that your health, land, relationships come free if you live according to nature? No it doesn't. Go to Church (brainwashing) for free but pay taxes for medicine, give tax to Ceasar for your own land and take credit to buy those flowers / cars/ houses to bribe your wife is the Christian mindset.

Which group is responsible for the predicament that Western Civilization finds itself

^ Informing post. I was in the believe that white kabbalists were just wannabe jews like freemasons, but that cleared many things up.

Which group is responsible for the predicament that Western Civilization finds itself

Take a look at these businesses noted in geworks thread elsewhere.

Quote: (05-16-2019 10:26 AM)gework Wrote:  

Vice seems to be in a bad way financially, having had about $1 billion poured into it since 2015, including money from Soros.

Salon has just been saved from the abbyss after it was revealed it's been running at a loss for years, propped up by big money.

The Guardian had been losing huge amounts of cash for years and was only brought into the black by huge layoffs.

Then you have The Wasington Post and The New York Time bankrolled by billionaires. I'm sure there is more.

I'm sure they're only being propped up by the usual suspects because they're going to turn a corner and rake in billions any second now.

It's all just market-driven economics!

The public will judge a man by what he lifts, but those close to him will judge him by what he carries.

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