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Best Combo Nature Area and Girl Destination

Best Combo Nature Area and Girl Destination

Hey guys. Did a search and didn't see this topic being discussed. Right now I'm home and for a long time, thought of somewhere to go next for a short time since I'm not at the stage yet where I can drop everything. When I travel, it's usually for 1 of 3 reasons.

1. Go to a party city and/or friendly city for game.

2. To a nature destination that is mind-blowing level beautiful.

3. Travel to follow a hobby or passion.

Since the third one is too vague, I'm going to take that out of the leading question. When I was picking out my next destination, I found myself forced to make a choice between nature and girls, because my top two choices are raved about in each category. But, when I thought deeper about not being able to have both for that trip, I realized that I have never done a good job of finding the best of both worlds.

In my travel history, I have not successfully found that balance and I'm someone that likes both city life and getting away from it all. It's important for me to have that balance and see both perspectives. The best I'm going to say I have been to now for both girls and nature was Boracay in the Philippines before the shutdown, and that was mostly Filipinas on vacation, Asian chicks glued to their social groups, or drunk western party girls, so I feel like this bar can and should be raised (not that I didn't have a good time there).

The question is, what is the best town/city you have been to that combines beautiful nature and friendly/attractive women to game? A good bonus is affordability too since I think there's probably a couple of first thoughts out of a normal price range.

This can be a beach town, mountain town, flat farm type area, lake town, or anything else you can think of.

As far back as I could remember, I always wanted to be a player.

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Best Combo Nature Area and Girl Destination

Sadly I think these objectives are at odds for a short-trip traveler. In my opinion, high population density is key to create the anonymity necessary for easy, guilt-free hookups for women to partake in.

Anywhere with quality nature is going to have lower population density which leads to tighter-knit, more gossipy, well-established social circles (AKA girls have more to lose hooking up with a random visitor).

What you hit on with the nature tourist hotspots is probably the best compromise *if* you are only visiting short term.

However ... If you stay long-term in one place, practically anywhere could be good, as illustrated by the famous "Thai Caveman" who took the forum by storm a couple months back:


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