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Diamonds Datasheet

Diamonds Datasheet

Saw some threads about diamonds but none had much information. I had a +4 carat stone and trying to sell it, gained some experience.

- How much a diamond is worth?
- Where can I sell it? Where can I buy one?

Fist thing you should do is assess your stone. Each diamond is different but you have to look for 4 specific traits known as the 4 c's.

[Image: Screen-Shot-2018-11-21-at-12-19-07-PM.png]

- CARAT weight
- COLOR grade
- CLARITY grade
- CUT grade

You have to take the stone to a reputable center. The "gold standard" is GIA (GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA), There's few places around the world so my recommendation is to first take it to a local jewelry to assess it so you can have a good idea of what you have. Then send it to GIA to have a certificate that's respected worldwide. With a GIA certificate, you can offer it online without clients having to see it in person.

[Image: Screen-Shot-2018-11-21-at-12-16-42-PM.png]
Not many places worldwide

How much the certificate cost?

Not much:
[Image: Screen-Shot-2018-11-21-at-12-24-58-PM.png]

How much my diamond is worth? For how much can I sell my stone?

The Rapaport Price List is the international benchmark for diamond pricing.
Here you can see one from January 2017 to have an idea:

It's not hard to find it online for free but the official website to buy the report is in

Here's an example:
[Image: Screen-Shot-2018-11-21-at-12-35-31-PM.png]

For some strange reason it shows 700 and not 7000 for each carat. So a 4 carat with clarity grade VVS1 and color D is around (7000 X 4 carat) $28 thousand dollars. There's other factors that affect value but you'll have a good idea with that report.

Now another interesting part. That's the "retail" price. It doesn't mean you can sell it at that price. But you can email jewelers everywhere in the world (best price you'll get is probably in NYC or London). With a GIA certificate, you'll receive offers and you can take the one that interest you more.

If you need money fast, expect to receive offers of 50% of the Rapaport price in other countries. If you can take it to NYC or London, and negotiate, you might get close to 100%. There's some websites you can sell your stone but I have no experience about it.

Hope it helps.

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