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Getting Filmed at Day Game / Value / How to

Getting Filmed at Day Game / Value / How to

Many of you who are advanced or intermediate can you discuss the value of filming yourself day gaming or recording audio.

a. What's your preferred way to record?

b. Recommended equipment if you have a wing? For Solo?

c. How many times / how often are you filming your approaches and possibly dates.

d. Technique advice for solo or recording a friend.

e. Ever concerned the footage will leak online somehow?


Getting Filmed at Day Game / Value / How to

I've done a bunch of research on this. The thing that worked best for my needs was this watch camera:

It records video and audio. It's completely inconspicuous. You don't have to worry about constantly dragging out someone to film you. The video and audio quality is good enough for analysis. And it's cheap.

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