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Alternative to Amazon Kindle and Audible?

Alternative to Amazon Kindle and Audible?

Hey guys,

given the recent censorship on Amazon are there other sites you'd recommend where I could buy e-books and audiobooks?

Searched on the net, found some options, but I'm curious if anyone uses anything else besides Amazon offerings.

Have a nice day!

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Alternative to Amazon Kindle and Audible?

I think you should create your own website and sell it on there. That way, you won't have to worry about it being removed

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Alternative to Amazon Kindle and Audible?

Lots of people besides Roosh sell ebooks directly as pdf, epub, mobi formats. PDF is most common format though I hate it because all I use is my smartphone nowadays and PDF sucks on smartphones unless specifically formatted for smartphones, which is rare. Epub is best, at least with Moon+ on Android or similar apps on IOS. Mobi is the Amazon kindle format and can be converted to epub using Calibre, which runs on Windows I'm sure and Mac and Linux I think. Most DRM protected kindle books can also be converted to epub, but you need a special Calibre plugin for this.

(I do not encourage copyright infringement, especially since the owner of this site makes a living from copyrighted books. But breaking DRM in order to convert from mobi to epub, in order to get away from that crappy kindle ereader app and be able to use a decent ereader like Moon+, is morally acceptable IMO regardless of what the law says. Uploading books to torrent sites is not morally acceptable, IMO, and definitely not legal.)

Epub is a standard format and support will be around forever, whereas mobi will die minute Amazon abandons it and switches to epub. PDF support will be around forever but will also probably suck forever on smartphones. So the archival format for books you want to keep forever should be epub.

Alternative to Amazon Kindle and Audible?

Kobo store seems okay. You have to work around the geographic price models.

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Alternative to Amazon Kindle and Audible?

Torrent and calibre?

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