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PayPal Requiring Me to Send Copy of ID

PayPal Requiring Me to Send Copy of ID

I wanted to buy something small today. However, after I gave my login details, a message stated they want me to send them a copy of my license or passport. I then saw there was a link to "verify another way" but it just takes me back to the same ID verification process.

Has anyone else encountered this? Or is there any way around this? I don't really want to provide this as it makes me feel uncomfortable giving up yet another piece of my private info when I never needed to do it before.

PayPal Requiring Me to Send Copy of ID

Dear Sir,

I can providings you with professional Italian passport. One just came available with fashionable surname Rossi. Take you pick.


You usually need to provide your ID to any companies that engage in money transfers. You can of course, use other people's details, which you can easily find online (above), but if the account comes under scrutiny then you could loose everything in it.

There is a company called CryptoPay that did annon Bitcoin cards with up to 2,500 EUR, but they are currently not offered.

There were also some banks that used to offer "no name" debit cards, but I believe they're all gone now.

The only real option is to incorporate a company in somewhere like Belize or Seychelles, get an offshore bank account and then get a debit card, but such cards tend to have heavy fees.

And that's only really good for keeping your personal details out of the VISA/Mastercard logs, which the government has direct access to. If they investigate you, it won't be hard to find out who you are, especially if you are ordering things to your house.

So that's probably not advisable. When you use such an offshore card the VISA/MAstercard logs will list:

Payment from: My Crypto Millions Holdings, Ltd.
Billing address: 12 Bank Street, Belize City, Belize
Delivery address: 1 Super Male, Vitality Street, Love Ladies, NJ 90210

Given that there is a bureaucracy that scans all these databases for flags, probably not a good idea to use it in your own country.

PayPal Requiring Me to Send Copy of ID

Sorry dude it's paypal in 2018, you need an ID.

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